Spaceman Game in Kenyan Online Casinos

Spaceman Game in Kenyan Online Casinos

Multiplayer crash casino games are becoming trendy in Kenya, and one of the best titles you can play in this category is the Spaceman game from Pragmatic Play. The title features a space theme with an astronaut flying across outer space. So, the Spaceman casino game will take you through a fast-paced intergalactic adventure spiced with impressive multipliers and eye-catching payouts. The Spaceman game in Kenyan online casinos is easy to play for real money: You select your bet amount, and when the interstellar astronaut starts flying, your goal is to cash out your winnings before they crash. The standout feature about this Spaceman game from Pragmatic Play is that you can cash out 50% of your bet while the other 50% holds out for higher multipliers (5000x max multiplier). This Spaceman game review will feature the ins and outs of this title, including rules and gameplay and similar instant-win titles to Spaceman. Additionally, players will find a list of the top Spaceman online casinos in Kenya offering the game.

Best Casinos to Play Spaceman JULY 2024

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M-Pesa & Airtel
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2ParipesaParipesa ReviewClaim up to KES 177,500 bonus as a welcome package!
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M-Pesa & Airtel
4BetwinnerBetwinner ReviewKES 15,000 on your first four deposits!
KES 15,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
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What is a crash game?

Crash casino games are titles that consist of multipliers that multiply your bet to offer you a corresponding payout. However, it’s not that straightforward with these crash games, as you must cash out your winnings before the crash occurs. Failure to cash out before crashing means you’ve lost your bet. Generally, the multiplier coefficients increase the longer the game goes on, and this is where crash games test your patience and nerves. Will you play it safe and cash out early with a lower multiplier, or maintain your nerves of steel and wait for higher multipliers to enjoy more substantial payouts?

This online casino game category is also known as arcade, fast, instant-win, or mini-games in the gambling community. Crash games are usually multiplayer, offering a social element where you can chat with other gamblers and sometimes see how much they’re wagering and winning. Fortunately, instant-win titles feature elementary rules and are easy to play, even for newbies. So, by the end of this Spaceman game review, you’ll be well-equipped to not only play Spaceman but also other crash games for real money.

Spaceman game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Pragmatic Play
🥇 Release Date: March 2022
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 96.50%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $1 – $100

Spaceman taxi interface

  • Spaceman taxi interface
  • Spaceman taxi interface

About Spaceman game

Spaceman is a multiplayer space-theme online crash casino game developed by the famous Pragmatic Play. This provider, founded in 2015, launched the Spaceman game in March 2022 and became an instant hit. Besides crash games, Pragmatic Play has other titles like video slots, table games, virtual sports, bingo, and live casino games. As such, you can expect high-quality and fun titles from such a prestigious software vendor. 

That aside, the Spaceman casino game features a unique design with multiple UI buttons, making gameplay seamless. Before the game starts, you’ll see a flying alien spaceship with an intense light beam above the astronaut.

So, you must select your bet amount and click ‘Confirm Bet’ within the five-second betting period. Afterwards, you’ll see an animation of an astronaut flying across space, leaving a curve behind. Above the flying astronaut, you’ll see an increasing multiplier coefficient. If you find the flying astronaut animation distracting, you can switch it off from the game’s settings and remain only with the progressive multipliers. 

Therefore, your goal is to click ‘Cash out’ before the astronaut crashes to take your winnings. Alternatively, you can click ‘Cash out 50%’ to take half of your bet winnings and leave the other half in the game to hunt for higher multipliers.

Spaceman game interface and features

You’ll find the bet limits of the Spaceman game in the top-left corner of the game’s interface. The least bet amount is KES 20, while the maximum is KES 12,000. These limits are reasonable enough to attract both beginners and high rollers. You can adjust your bet size with the (<, >) toggles above the ‘Confirm Bet’ button or by clicking the (+) sign on the available preset amounts to add your preferred stake. On the left side of the ‘Confirm Bet’ button, you’ll see an undo option, allowing you to remove your previous bet during the betting period. Also, you’ll find a 2x button on the right side that doubles your current bet amount. Clicking this button several times will increase your bet amount. Your account balance will be indicated on the bottom left of the screen.

  • Live chat and sound settings

    As mentioned, most crash games come with a live chat feature, allowing you to converse with other active players during gameplay. The same is possible with the Spaceman casino game. You’ll find a string of UI buttons on the screen’s top-right corner. If you click the chat bubble icon (the first), you’ll open the chat window, which appears immediately below. Fortunately, you can drag this window to any position on the game screen where it won’t interfere with your gameplay. Clicking the chat bubble icon the second time closes the live chat window.

    Below the chat window, on the bottom right of the screen, is a panel showcasing the real-time results of other active users, including their win amounts, multipliers, usernames, and bet amounts. You can expand this panel to see more users. The Spaceman game features impressive sound effects, which you can switch on and off from the settings option by hitting the gear icon on the top right. You can slide the bars of the game’s music and effects to adjust the sound to your preferences. Also, you can turn the astronaut animation on or off in the settings panel.

  • Game statistics and history

    At the base of the game’s screen, you’ll find the multiplier statistics of the last 20 rounds, updated in real-time as the game progresses. Here, you can view the various multipliers that won in the previous rounds to help you predict the next multiplier. However, you should note that the Spaceman casino game is entirely random and fair, and the winning multipliers are spontaneous in every round as decided by the RNG algorithm.

    Therefore, it might be challenging to predict correctly. Still, you can study the patterns and make an educated guess. With that in mind, you can find a more comprehensive record of up to the last 500 rounds of the winning multipliers by clicking the statistics icon opposite the undo button. Besides that, you can check your betting history when you play Spaceman for real money by clicking the History icon. This will open a new window with all your outcomes for the day. If you click a specific outcome, you can view your bet amount, net win in Kenya shillings, and more.

  • Autoplay settings

    The Spaceman game has an autoplay feature, which is activated after clicking the ‘Confirm Bet’ button. The autoplay option is located next to the 2x button, and after selecting it, you can choose how many rounds you want to play. The options range from a minimum of five rounds to a maximum of 100 rounds. The bet amount you select before activating the autoplay feature will be used in every round until the feature stops. Therefore, ensure you have enough funds to play the number of rounds you desire. Once you’re satisfied with the autoplay settings, you can click ‘Start’ to commence autoplay.

    You can then click ‘Cash out’ to take your winnings or use the auto cashout feature. Please note once autoplay has started, you cannot change your bet amount or the auto cashout multiplier unless you stop autoplay. The feature automatically stops if 1) Your bankroll balance is too low to continue with autoplay; 2) The selected number of autoplay rounds reaches zero; 3) One or more of the Stop Autoplay triggers occur: Balance increases or decreases by a certain value or if a single win exceeds a specific amount.

Spaceman game rules

The simplicity of crash online games makes them a go-to gambling activity for most gamblers. They feature uncomplicated rules, and everything is pretty much straightforward. They don’t have bonus games/rounds like online slots. Still, you may find Spaceman online casinos in Kenya offering bonuses and promotions you can use when playing the Spaceman game for real money. So, with this title from Pragmatic Play, your goal is to wager on the flying astronaut who goes awarding multipliers. The multipliers increase the longer and faster the astronaut flies into outer space. Nevertheless, the astronaut can crash at any time, causing the round to end abruptly.

Therefore, you must cash out your winnings before the crash occurs lest you lose your bet and any accumulated winnings. With the Spaceman game, you can use various cashout options to take your winnings according to your preferences:

  • Cash out

    Clicking this button lets you take your winnings depending on the active multiplier when this event was triggered. For example, if you click ‘Cash out’ when the multiplier coefficient is at 10,52x, your bet will be multiplied by this multiplier to award your winnings.

  • Cashout 50%

    If you don’t want to risk your entire bet, this feature will come in handy. If you tap this button, you cash out the winnings for half your wager and continue gambling with the other half to cash it out later at a higher multiplier coefficient. So, to take your winnings from the second half of your bet, you must click the ‘Cash out’ button after it’s updated.

  • Auto Cashout 

    This feature can be used when playing with or without the autoplay mode. To use auto cash out, you must select your desired multiplier at which your winnings will be automatically cashed out and then activate the feature.

  • 50% Auto Cashout 

    This option works like the auto cashout except that you’ll take 50% of winnings from your original bet while the other half remains in play. You must select the multiplier at which the 50% Auto Cashout will be activated and activate the feature before confirming your bet.

    In a single round, you can activate both the Auto Cashout and 50% Auto Cashout, but the latter must be set at a lower multiplier coefficient. The lowest multiplier the auto cashout feature can be set at is 1.01x. Notably, the max multiplier in the Spaceman game online is 5000x. Assuming you’re playing the maximum bet (KES 12,000), this puts the maximum payout at an incredible 60 million Kenyan shillings.

How to play Spaceman for real money

The first step is to find a top Spaceman online casino and create an account. Luckily, you don’t need to look very far since we’ve recommended some of the best online casinos in Kenya with the Spaceman casino game on this page. So, to complete the registration procedure, simply pick one gambling platform from our list and provide information like your email address, password, name, mobile number, etc.


Fund your account

Afterwards, deposit money into your new player account and claim any bonuses that might be offered. From the cashier’s page, choose an appropriate deposit method, such as Bitcoin, M-Pesa, AstroPay, Skrill, Airtel Money, etc., and deposit the required amount per the online casino’s minimum deposit requirements. The deposit should reflect immediately.


Find and launch the Spaceman game

Visit the online casino’s game hall and look for the Spaceman casino game. To find the title quickly, you can use the search function and type in the word ‘Spaceman’. Select the game from the results to launch it.


Place your bet

You’ll have about 5 seconds to place your bet. So, choose your desired bet amount (min KES 20, max KES 12,000) and click the ‘Confirm Bet’ button. Afterwards, you’ll see the ‘Bets Closed’ and ‘Bet Accepted’ notifications before the game begins.


Take your winnings

The game begins with the astronaut flying slowly and then increasing speed as the game progresses. Therefore, your goal is to tap ‘Cash Out’ or ‘Cashout 50%’ to collect your accumulated winnings before the astronaut crashes. You lose your bet if the astronaut crashes before you cash out.

Games similar to Spaceman

So, what other instant-win casino games can you play online that are similar to Spaceman? There are multiple options, but below, we’ve selected the best for their incredible potential payouts and excitement:

  • Aviator


    Instead of a flying astronaut, you’ll find a flying aircraft in the Aviator online game. The gameplay in Aviator is similar to the Spaceman casino game, as the aircraft will start soaring into the sky while awarding multipliers. The higher it flies, the higher the multipliers, and you must cash out in time before the aircraft crashes to collect your winnings. Aviator doesn’t have a 50% cashout feature, but you can have two simultaneous bets with a multiplier exceeding 1,000,000x!

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  • Rocketman


    In this arcade-style online casino game, you’ll have a flying rocket as opposed to a flying astronaut in Spaceman. Therefore, the rocket in Rocketman takes off from the ground and immediately starts awarding multipliers. The Rocketman game features two betting panels, allowing for two simultaneous bets, a progressive jackpot, mystery bonuses, and a 20,000x maximum multiplier coefficient. Like Spaceman, click ‘Cash out’ to take your payouts before the rocket crashes.

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  • Rocketon


    Rocketon is a visually stunning crash game with provably fair technology, meaning players can verify each game outcome personally. The game has two bet panels; you can activate both in one round. When the game commences, the rocket takes off and starts awarding higher multipliers as it reaches higher altitudes. You must cash out to take your winnings, but the title has a half cash out and auto cash out feature to make things interesting.

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  • Space Taxi

    Space Taxi

    This is another exciting space-themed crash game. Space Taxi features a rocket that launches from the ground and awards multipliers as it soars. The multipliers start from 1.00x and go up to 100x. You’ll have two bet panels, and you must click ‘Cash Out’ before the rocket crashes to collect your winnings. The most impressive feature of Space Taxi is that it offers a bonus game, allowing players to immerse themselves further.

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  • Mines


    With Mines, you can customise your playing field (3×3, 5×5, 7×7, etc.) and the number of mines (explosives) in the game. The playing field has tiles, and underneath are hidden mines. So, the goal is to select random safe tiles on the field and avoid explosives. The more safe tiles you select, the higher your payout, as the multipliers will increase. Nevertheless, if you select a tile with an explosive, you lose your bet and your winnings thus far.

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Play spaceman game for free


Now that you’ve read our illuminative Spaceman game review, you can blast off into a cosmic adventure filled with massive winning potential, thanks to the 5000x maximum multiplier. The best part is that you can bet with as little as KES 20. So, any player can try this captivating crash online game with unsophisticated rules. As the astronaut soars in altitude, the multipliers increase. However, they will randomly crash, resulting in losses. Therefore, before this happens, you should be fast in cashing out your winnings in the Spaceman game in Kenyan online casinos. For those playing safe, the half cashout option will allow you to take some winnings while waiting to land higher multipliers. This review has covered every aspect of the game, plus a few alternative recommendations to switch things up a little.

Spaceman FAQ

How to play Spaceman?

Choose your bet amount and click ‘Confirm Bet’ within the betting period to start playing Spaceman. Ensure to click ‘Cash Out’ before the game crashes to take your winnings.

How much can I win in Spaceman?

The maximum payout in the Spaceman casino game is 5000x your bet.

What are the min and max bets in Spaceman?

You can bet with as low as KES 20 and a maximum of KES 12,000.

What is the RTP of Spaceman?

The game has a published return to player percentage of 95%. Thus, if you staked KES 100 in the long run, you can earn back KES 95.

Is Spaceman game fair?

Absolutely. The game uses the RNG algorithm to provide random game outcomes away from the manipulation of casino operators.