Cricket X in Kenyan Online Casinos

Cricket X in Kenyan Online Casinos

Online casino players in Kenya and other parts of the world constantly seek captivating and enthralling games. Players who value the sheer entertainment of fast, instant-win titles have followed the Cricket X game in Kenyan online casinos very well. Different software studios are always making moves to come up with products that suit the ever-growing gaming needs of players. As such, crash games are among the most thrilling titles in online casinos worldwide. With a focus on transparency and fun, crash games are social multiplayer titles propelled by random number generators (RNG), some of which players can confirm on the blockchain. 

Cricket X comes with amazing audiovisuals, engaging action, a high multiplier limit, and a solid RTP to offer Kenyan players top-tier entertainment from start to finish. The double bet feature, alongside the auto bet and auto collect mechanics, helps you maximise each round to deliver exciting results. There are lots of casinos in Kenya where you can play Cricket X for real money. Thus, keep reading our detailed Cricket X game review to learn everything about the title.

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What is a crash game?

Crash games represent a new era of fast-paced games, specially designed for players who don’t want to spend so much time learning technical rules. Yes, crash games are instant-win titles requiring no special expertise to play. They are also social multiplayer titles, allowing as many players simultaneously as possible. These games first gained traction with the cryptocurrency gaming community on different online casinos. 

Crash games have a game area where the action happens. The action typically involves a designated object (can be a jet, plane, rocket, bike, ball, line, arrow, etc.) rising from the bottom area up to any level. The item is meant to suddenly stop rising at any level, resulting in the end of that game round. The sudden stop is known as a ‘Crash’, an event that resets the game for another round.

After all bets are accepted, the object starts rising, and the bet area immediately displays an option called ‘Cashout’ (Collect or Obtain in some games). The rise comes with a fast increase of the multiplier on the screen, so you should press cash out when your preferred multiplier is reached. Considering that crash games are very fast, there’s the auto cashout option in every title. This requires you to set up a multiplier value at which you’d like to cash out. Once that value is reached, the game automatically cashes out for you – hence, any crash afterwards doesn’t affect you. After a successful cashout, the multiplier you have is multiplied by your wager and deposited in your balance.      

Cricket x Interface

  • Cricket x Interface
  • Cricket x Interface
  • Cricket x Interface

Cricket X game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Smartsoft Gaming
🥇 Release Date: March 2022
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 98.8%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

About Cricket X

Cricket X is one of the social multiplayer games from Smartsoft Gaming. The Cricket X casino game was released in 2022 and has since become a hit with so many players in Kenya. The graphics are excellent, while the soundtrack helps to create an animated atmosphere. As the name implies, this title has a cricket theme boasting the typical cricket gameplay. At the start of every round, a virtual cricket player throws a ball at another virtual player who hits the ball with a bat. The ball then starts rising across the game area with a multiplier also increasing with it. The ball can suddenly burst (crash), bringing the round to an end.

As with all crash games, the Cricket X gameplay is straightforward to master. There are different buttons on the screen, including -/+, Auto Bet, Auto Collect, Place Your Bet, Collect, Players, My Bets, Chat, and Top Wins. In addition to game rules, these buttons help you understand the game and navigate it better. The game uses a certified random number generator (RNG) to determine the multiplier levels on each round. Thus, it’s a fair and transparent game of chance.

Cricket X game rules

Every online casino game has rules that guide all activities, ranging from bet time, bet limits, game results, and payouts, among others. Cricket X isn’t different in this regard, as it has clear rules for all players to learn and observe. You can access the game rules by clicking/tapping the navigation button on the top-right corner of the game area.

The game rules state that the RTP is 96.7% to 98.8%. Meanwhile, the minimum multiplier is 1x and the maximum is 25,000x, which is quite high. Also, the highest payout from any round is 1,487,750 shillings ($10,000).

Cricket X has the double bet mechanic, so you can place two wagers of various or equal amounts in a single round. However, you may always stick to just one bet if that suits your budget or play style. The game allows you to bet manually or automatically using the auto-bet feature. The auto bet helps you retain the same wager across multiple rounds. Once your bet is received, the first virtual player throws the cricket ball, and the second player hits it with his bat. The ball begins to rise, and the multiplier increases with it, so you should collect the multiplier you want before it bursts.

This Cricket X casino game has the collect button, which shows up on the bet area immediately after the ball is hit. Tap it to collect the multiplier you want. Also, it has the Auto Collect button, which enables you to obtain your multiplier of choice before it crashes.

How to play Cricket X casino game

Like all other crash games, Cricket X comes with straightforward gameplay. You only need to acquaint yourself with the rules of the game and have fun. This section involves a step-by-step guide on how to bet and play the game:


Fund your account and place bets

If you just signed up and wish to play for real money, you must add money to your online casino account. Afterwards, select the game from the lobby and adjust your bet to the amount you like to play with. Bets per round range from 15 shillings ($0.1) to 14,878 shillings ($100). Then press the Place Your Bet icon on the screen. Most casinos on this page accept other currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 


Hit the cricket ball

After the system accepts your bet, a cricket-game-like action takes place, and the ball goes up in the air. While the ball is in the air, a multiplier shows on the screen and increases every second.


Collect a multiplier

Once the ball goes up in the air, the Bet button changes to Collect. The multiplier starts at 1x and can rise up to 25,000x theoretically. You must press the collect button when your multiplier of choice is shown on the screen. However, since the game is very random, the ball can crash immediately after recording 1x.


Place another bet

Once the ball crashes, the round ends and whatever multiplier you have won is added to your balance. You can then wager on the next round. Often, the auto bet helps players wager on many rounds in a row. 

Cricket X game strategies

Cricket X is highly based on chance, just like any other casino game. As such, it’s never guaranteed that the multiplier won’t crash before you press the collect button. In fact, the multiplier can crash at exactly 1x. However, there are a few strategies that will help you maximise every round you play. Let’s explore them in this section: 


Use Auto Bet and Auto Collect 

If you intend to play multiple bets, it may be in your best interest to opt for auto bets and auto collect. Auto bet and auto collect are also ideal if you place two bets. The multiplier can crash just before you hit the collect button. So, auto-collect remains one of the most convenient ways to navigate the game. Although there’s no multiplier limit in the auto-collect option, you should go for low multipliers as they are much safer with low multipliers in the auto-collect option.


Study the game rules

This game comes with a free version, many rounds of which you can play at Cricket X game online casinos. The game allows you to place bets with virtual cash in your account. By playing numerous rounds attentively, you become acquainted with how Cricket X works. The demo version will make you understand the volatility, average outcomes across different rounds, and top payouts using the game’s statistics.


Play more with small bets

Since the game has the potential of returning losses, you should play more often with small bets. This helps you avoid running into huge losses if you sustain losing streaks across successive rounds. Also, depending on your risk threshold, players generally bounce back from small losses better.


Play at a reputable online casino

There are numerous Cricket X game online casinos around. However, we often advise playing at a well-regulated casino with a track record of providing value to players. Thankfully, all the online casinos on this page are among the best in Kenya, so you should play at any of them

Games similar to Cricket X

Besides Cricket X, there are many other crash games popular among players. These games are known for delivering great entertainment with various multiplier limits, payouts, RTPs and designs. As such, if you’re looking for alternatives to Cricket X, some of the best options include Aviator, Aviatrix, High Striker, Rocketon, and Save the Princess. We take a concise overview of each of these titles so you’ll know what they offer gaming enthusiasts.

  • Aviator


    Aviator is one of the most thrilling and followed crash games in Cricket X game online casinos. The game comes from software provider Spribe and features double bets which you can always stake on. The applicable bet per round is between 15 shillings ($0.1) and 14,878 shillings ($100). Aviator shows a jet flying across the game area and determining the available multiplier limits. The game is based on the Provably Fair technology, as it generates hashes you can verify after each round. 

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  • Aviatrix


    The Aviatrix game comes from the eponymous software studio, Aviatrix. The game has been around since 2022, as it aims at making crash gaming more personal. Although the game has a central aeroplane theme, it allows players to build and personalise their aeroplanes as though they were NFT items. Players can wager from 15 shillings ($0.1) to 44,630 shillings ($300). In addition to fantastic graphics, Aviatrix has the Provably Fair technology feature and the double bet mechanic. Also, it comes with an in-game tournament where players can win cash prizes daily.       

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  • High Striker

    High Striker

    High Striker is another well-followed crash game from Evoplay Entertainment. High Striker was released in 2019. It accepts wagers of 15 shillings ($0.1) to 14,878 shillings ($100) per round. Players can only place a single bet on this game. With an RTP of 98%, the maximum multiplier limit is 1,000x. High Striker also has manual and automatic betting and cashout, as well as the Provably Fair feature.    

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  • Rocketon


    Rocketon is a crash title that was released in 2020. Developed by Digitain, this game comes with brilliant graphic designs and a jet theme. Players can bet from 75 shillings ($0.5) to 14,878 shillings ($100) on each round. The game comes with a 97% RTP and a maximum multiplier of 20,000x, which is impressive. Rocketon has double bets, an-game chat feature, statistics, and auto features to offer players an enriching experience.  

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  • Save the Princess

    Save the Princess

    Save the Princess is a social multiplayer game with unique gameplay that deviates from the typical crash gameplay. This title has similar designs to video games, so you’ll move from step to step and get past some obstacles on your way. It has an adventure theme where you get to rescue the princess or stop on the way (cash out). The bet size per round is from 15 shillings ($0.1) to 14,878 shillings ($100). Meanwhile, the maximum real money payout is 1,487,750 shillings ($10,000).

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Play Cricket X game for free


Cricket X is one of the most compelling crash games in Kenya; as such, there are many online casinos offering it. The game comes with 3D graphics and animations, which help to keep players thrilled. It has acceptable bet limits commonly found in similar games like Aviator, Aviatrix, High Striker, Rocketon, Jet X, and Save the Princess, among others. This game comes with the double bet mechanic, which enables you to either place one bet or two on the same round. 

One of the best parts of Cricket X is that it has high multiplier limits of up to 25,000x. Meanwhile, real money wins are capped at 1,487,750 shillings ($10,000). The game has statistics showing players’ recent bets, multipliers, and real money wins. You can also find top daily, weekly and monthly wins at this game. This Cricket X game review has also shed light on alternative titles you can play if you want to explore a variety of crash games. Together with Cricket X, such games will make your time worthwhile. 

Cricket X FAQ

How to play Cricket X?

It’s simple to play Cricket X for real money. Simply fund your account with real money and enter the amount you wish to play. Then click/tap the Place Your Bet button. Once the ball is hit and it starts rising across the game area, click/tap the collect button to cash out the multiplier you want.

How much can I win in Cricket X?

You can win up to 25,000x in terms of multipliers. The maximum real money payout in this game is 1,487,750 shillings ($10,000).

What are the min and max bets in Cricket X?

The minimum bet is 15 shillings ($0.1), while the maximum is 14,878 shillings ($100). These bets are within the average limits you’ll find in most crash games.

What is the RTP of Cricket X?

The RTP is 96.7% to 98.8%, which is solid for a crash game.

Is Cricket X game fair?

Cricket X uses RNG to determine results, which means that casinos have no influence over game outcomes. Cricket X is audited by third-party testing agencies occasionally to make it transparent and suitable to industry requirements. So, it’s a safe and fair game to play at Cricket X game online casinos.