Live Blackjack in Kenyan Online Casinos

Live Blackjack in Kenyan Online Casinos

Playing blackjack is a common pastime for Kenyans. The objective of the game is straightforward: win the dealer without going above 21. With so many variations to try out, playing blackjack online has never been more fascinating. You can play the RNG version of this game in many online casinos but live blackjack is where you enjoy some element of human interaction. 

When playing live blackjack in Kenyan online casinos, you’ll feel like you’re at a real casino thanks to the realistic visuals and sound effects. Variants from different software providers have varying table limits, so players can choose tables based on their budget. To help you identify the best live blackjack casinos accepting Kenyan players, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 options. The rules and betting limits of live blackjack are discussed in this article as well.

Best Live Blackjack Casinos MAY 2024

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M-Pesa & Airtel
122 Bet22 Bet ReviewGet up to KES 36,254 on your first deposit!
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2ParipesaParipesa ReviewClaim up to KES 177,500 bonus as a welcome package!
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M-Pesa & Airtel
4BetwinnerBetwinner ReviewKES 15,000 on your first four deposits!
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About live dealer blackjack

Live casinos allow gamblers to interact with real dealers and place bets in real time via the internet. This paves the way for gamblers to experience an atmosphere very similar to that of a brick-and-mortar gambling establishment from the comfort of their own homes, using only their laptops or mobile devices. Online casinos often provide live games that are streamed from a studio; however, games can also be streamed from real-life casinos to give players a more authentic feel. As soon as you take your seat at a live blackjack table of your choice, the dealer will attend to you, and the game will begin.

You can have a live conversation with your dealer through the game’s chat feature or interact with other players. You may see the live dealer and the game unfold before your eyes, thanks to a webcam positioned near the table where you are sitting. Bets are placed in the same manner as they are at a land-based casino. The BJ rules are identical to those used in a traditional offline game, and you can bet using shillings in many cases.

Gameplay in live dealer blackjack

The best Kenyan online casinos usually offer a package of live dealer games from one or more providers. To participate in blackjack with a live dealer, select one of the gaming options from the game list. You could be the first person to join the game, or there could already be others seated. Whatever the case may be, you are free to play as many hands as you like. If there is more than one open position, you can play multiple hands at a time. 

Even while each blackjack variant has a unique background and dealer, the gameplay itself is essentially the same. The default settings can be found on the screen. Both the video and audio quality can be adjusted here. If you have any questions to the dealer or if you just want to strike up a conversation, you’ll be able to do this via a live chat. The screen also shows your current balance and virtual chips that you can use to place wagers.

In some variants, a timer will appear on the screen when the betting round begins. You only have time to make a wager before the betting timer runs out. It’s important that you place your wagers within this time limit if you want to take part in the current round. Once the betting time elapses, no more bets are received. The croupier begins by dealing two cards face up from the shoe to the left, and then proceeds to do so from their left to their right. 

The dealer gives each player the second card but keeps his or hers hidden. In other words, you can quickly assess the value of your hand, whereas every player can only do so for one of the dealer’s cards. The next action is hitting or standing. However, some variants of the game provide you with other options, like doubling down or surrendering. Whether you win a round or not depends mainly on your initial decision with the first two cards. 

Minimum and maximum bets in blackjack differ per live game and provider. Normally, the lowest bet is about $1 (or in Ksh equivalent), while the highest bet is $300 to $500 per hand. High rollers can find much higher live blackjack limits than the ones listed above.

Live blackjack interface

  • Live blackjack interface
  • Live blackjack interface
  • Live blackjack interface

Live blackjack rules

All games require players to familiarize themselves with the rules before they start playing, and live blackjack is no exception. Just like in a random number generator blackjack game, the goal of a game with a live dealer is to have a higher hand value than the dealer without going over 21. If your card value is over 21, you have gone “bust.” The player has the choice of standing after receiving the first two cards or hitting if they feel more cards are needed. 

By standing, you indicate that you do not wish to receive any further cards. This is the optimal play when you are nearing a total of 21 and taking another card will put you at risk of going over. In contrast, choosing Hit means agreeing to take another card from the dealer. When your hand value is 16 or below, thus you have a low (or moderate) chance of busting, hitting is the ideal strategy.

As mentioned earlier, there may be more options available in the game you’ve chosen. You have the option to double down; however, doing so will result in receiving just one additional card. In spite of the higher potential reward, doing this action could backfire. In some blackjack versions, when you are dealt two cards with the same value, you can split them. After a split, you have two separate hands and must place a bet on a new hand. The Surrender feature, which appears in some live blackjack games after the initial two cards have been dealt, allows players to throw in the towel early in the game. You’ll cut your loss in half by making a decision to surrender.

Live blackjack stream

Live blackjack odds and payouts

When your hand wins, you get an even money payout (1:1), meaning that if you bet KES1000 and win, you get an additional KES1000. However, the case is different if you hit blackjack (21 points) on your first two cards. This is also called a natural blackjack and it pays 3:2, meaning you get KES1500 if you bet KES1000 and win. Live blackjack has an average return of 97% to 99.5%, which is about the same as in online blackjack and higher than in other types of casino games. You may learn more about a game’s RTP and house edge after entering a live blackjack table. The relevant information is normally posted inside a Help section or at other place inside the game. If you are playing blackjack live in KE, you should be aware of your odds so you can decide how to increase your chances.

Live blackjack games with highest RTP

✅ Evolution Live Power Blackjack 98.80%
✅ NetEnt Perfect Blackjack 99.66%
✅ Evolution Lightning Blackjack 99.56%
✅ Vivo Gaming Live Blackjack 99.53%
✅ Pragmatic Play Live Blackjack 99.50%
✅ NetEnt Blitz Blackjack 99.50%
✅ Playtech Live Quantum Blackjack 99.47%
✅ Playtech All Bets Blackjack Live 99.46%
✅ Evolution Live Blackjack 99.29%
✅ Pragmatic Play Blackjack Azure 99.28%

Popular providers of live casino blackjack

The most popular live casinos today owe their success to well-established software developers. Some of these providers stand out from the crowd because of their cutting-edge visuals and unusual features. See below a list of the best live casino blackjack suppliers available at Kenyan online casinos.

  • Evolution live blackjack

    Evolution live blackjack

    When it comes to live dealer games, no other software developer compares to Evolution. It was one of the pioneers of live dealer games in the gambling industry. This supplier manages several hundred tables, some of which may be found at brick-and-mortar casinos. Some of Kenya’s top live blackjack casinos provide Evolution’s renowned live dealer games. The company’s portfolio includes a wide variety of live blackjack games for experienced players and newcomers. Also, its unique blackjack variants, such as Speed Blackjack and Infinite Blackjack, have additional features that make the gameplay more exciting. While the majority of Evolution’s blackjack tables feature a traditional seven-seat configuration with Bet Behind, the number of Blackjack Infinite players who can join the table is unlimited.

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  • Pragmatic Play live blackjack

    Pragmatic Play live blackjack

    Pragmatic Play, whose high-quality games have earned them a place among the best of the best, has live dealer games that you’ll find in some of the best casinos in Kenya. Even though they’ve not been in the live dealer space too long when compared to other well-known brands like Evolution, you can still enjoy fantastic live dealer titles. Pragmatic Play’s initial move toward launching a live casino was the purchase of Extreme Live Gaming. They decided against expanding the successful brand and instead focused on making the games better. There are no less than three blackjack variations offered by Pragmatic Play including Azure Blackjack and One Blackjack.

  • Vivo Gaming live blackjack

    Vivo Gaming live blackjack

    Vivo provides only one live blackjack game, which is played on a typical seven-seat table. An eight-deck shoe is used for the game, and it is changed once the dealer has played half of the cards. There are also two side bets available in the game: Perfect Pairs and 21+3. 

    With a Perfect Pairs side bet, a player gets a bonus payout when their first two cards are of the same rank. The game pays out 6:1, 12:1 or 25:1 if the player’s two initial cards make a pair.  The 21+3 bet pays when a player forms a three-card poker hand with their initial two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. It has a generous payout of 100:1 at max.


Blackjack is a thrilling table game, and it’s much more fun when played against a live dealer. Newcomers to the game can pick up the fundamentals quickly and start having fun. To win, you need to simply beat the dealer’s hand. Unlike their RNG counterparts, games at blackjack live casinos can only be played with real money. The live dealer blackjack games at Kenyan web-based casinos are easy to play once you’ve funded your casino account. Therefore, you can play at a table that is appropriate for your bankroll size.

Live blackjack FAQ

What is live dealer blackjack?

Live blackjack is similar to standard online blackjack, except that it is played in real time and with a live dealer.

Where can I pick the best live blackjack casinos in Kenya?

Finding the best live blackjack casinos in Kenya will mean reading some reviews or checking different casinos to find the one that best fits your preferences. However, you can check our list of the best live blackjack casinos in Kenya.

What are the most popular providers of live blackjack?

The top three live blackjack vendors are Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Vivo Gaming. You'll need to sign up for an online casino and make a deposit using fiat or crypto (if the casino supports cryptocurrency payments) to access these games. If a bonus is available for playing live dealer blackjack, you can claim it as well.

Where can I find the rules of live blackjack?

Before starting a blackjack game, players can look over the game's rules. You can normally find these in the game's Info or Help menu.

Is live blackjack fair?

Yes. You should not worry about fairness if you play in a reputable casino with live blackjack developed by well-known providers.

How much can I win in live blackjack?

If your hand beats the dealer's without totaling 21, you'll win even money (1:1). The payout for a blackjack (a score of 21 with your initial two cards) is 3:2.

Can I contact the dealer when playing live blackjack?

While playing blackjack online, you won't be able to have a conversation with a live dealer, but you can use the in-game chat feature to interact with them and other players.