JetX in Kenyan Online Casinos

JetX in Kenyan Online Casinos

So many players interested in fast, instant-win titles are now mostly turning their attention to crash games. In an industry where creativity is an ingredient for survival and lots of games seem similar, crash games come with striking novelty. Although these games first gained massive traction in cryptocurrency casinos, they are also well-followed and appreciated in fiat casinos. Crash games are ideal for players who like to draw knowledge from the experiences of other users. With its live chat and live statistics features, JetX in Kenyan online casinos continues to fascinate different players. 

In fact, JetX is one of the most popular social multiplayer titles in Kenya and many other countries. A double bet feature, a high max multiplier, and a great RTP, among others, have increased the game’s allure. In this article, we walk you through the JetX gameplay and also dissect important areas, such as RTP, max payout, stats, etc. Here, you’ll also access our well-reviewed list of outstanding JetX online casinos.

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Brad I. Reviewed & updated: 14.07.2024 By gambling expert Brad I.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are instant-win social multiplayer titles enjoyed by many players from various regions simultaneously. The fast nature of these games has contributed to their immense adoption around the world. Most crash games have a box resembling a graph in which a line rises from the bottom to any level. As the line grows, the game is designed for that line to terminate at any level, which is known as a ‘Crash’. Once there’s a crash, the round ends and the game resets. It must be mentioned that in some titles, the line can appear as any item, including jet, helicopter, etc.     

Depending on the game, you’ll find some recent successful multipliers (round history) at the screen’s top, bottom, or side. Following every successful wager, a ‘cashout’ button always pops up in every round. So, you must click/tap that cashout button to claim your preferred multiplier before a crash. After cashing out, your bet is multiplied by the multiplier obtained, after which the funds are instantly added to your balance.

Also, you’ll find an auto cashout tab in crash games, and it helps you choose your cashout multiplier right before the game begins. Since crash titles are popular within crypto casinos, it deserves mentioning that numerous titles are made with the Provably Fair technology. With this, you can check out your game rounds on blockchain and know how transparent they are.

JetX game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Smartsoft Gaming
🥇 Release Date: January 2019
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.1 – $300

JetX game interface

  • JetX game interface
  • JetX game interface
  • JetX game interface

About JetX

JetX is one of the many amazing titles from Smartsoft Gaming. Released in 2019, this JetX bet game has become a favourite to numerous Kenyan players. With a jet theme set against an airport background, JetX comes with 3D animations and wonderful graphics compared to other games of this type. At the start of each round, you’ll see passengers getting aboard (on desktop/laptop only), after which the jet takes off. The jet progresses across the sky and can crash at any point up there.  

Concerning the gameplay, we must stress that it’s not difficult to learn. Once you learn the game rules and understand the buttons on the screen, you surely have a nice flight. Such buttons on the screen include Place Your Bet, auto bet, auto collect, -/+, ALL IN (available on mobile only), etc. Additionally, you’ll find the statistics tab from where you can access game results. You can open the chat room to know what players say about this title. 

JetX game rules 

To play JetX for real money, it’s in your best interest to understand the game’s rules. The rules are simple, so you’ll not have difficulty grasping them. Against this backdrop, JetX has the double bet functionality, which accepts two bets of equal or different amounts on the same round. In this respect, you may stake manually or automatically (via auto bet). Upon the system’s receipt of your bet, the jet takes off, and the multiplier starts increasing with it. Once the jet sets off, the collect (cashout) button will appear on the screen. As such, you must hit that button immediately after your preferred multiplier is reached because the jet can crash anytime.       

As with all crash titles, the JetX casino game has manual collect (clicking/tapping the cashout tab) and auto-collect options. Auto-collect is the ideal option for players who want to have many consecutive rounds of play. Similarly, auto-collect is preferable to collect your multiplier right in time if you’re playing two bets.  

A 97% RTP is available in JetX, so the game’s house edge is 3%. Importantly, the maximum multiplier is 25,000x, which is top-notch. According to the game rules, the maximum real-money payout per bet is 1,488,600 shillings (€10,000).   

How to bet in JetX casino game

You can stake from €0.10 to €100 on each round. A lot of Kenyan casinos accept cryptocurrency bets on this game, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, etc. Stakes can be made manually on each bet or through the auto bet option, which allows you to set up wagers up to 100 consecutive rounds.        

Regarding multipliers, you may choose manual collect for each round in the JetX game. Alternatively, you may have the system obtain your preferred multiplier for you via the auto-collect feature. The applicable multipliers for the auto-collect are 1.35x up to 1000x, so you have to set it according to your game strategy. Whether you play on a desktop/laptop or mobile, buttons like ‘Place your bet’, auto bet, and auto collect are boldly available on the screen. For each round, a few seconds are given for placing bets, after which the jet leaves (round begins).

JetX statistics

Game statistics are commonly found in most crash titles. JetX has this feature, which shows the outcome of each round for various players. The good thing is that it’s live – thus, you can always consult it before, during, or after playing. However, bear in mind that it’s updated every second. So, if you wish to access your own bet history only, click/tap the ‘My bets’ button. For laptop users, the statistics are displayed on the right side of your screen alongside ‘Current Stakes’ and ‘My bets’. 

If you play JetX for real money or for free on mobile, you’ll access the stats just below the main game panel. So, you have to scroll up to access it. Through these stats, you’ll find each player’s wager, collect points (cashout points), and real-money win. This means you’ll be able to learn whether the average multiplier is low, mid-sized or high and plan your gameplay around that.       

JetX strategies and tricks

Whether you play slots, table games, instant-win titles, or crash games, it’s always great to have a strategy in place. The reason for this is simple: a lot is left to chance or luck when you play casino games. To enhance your prospects at JetX, we highly recommend the following strategies:


Know how the game works

Including volatility, average multiplier wins, and RTP, among others. So, it’s pertinent to play the free version of this game exhaustively. When you’re ready to start playing for real money, ensure you set out a budget. And apply the utmost discipline in managing your budget, such as not exceeding your bankroll, avoiding chasing losses, etc.


Maintain low wagers when you start

This will help you grow your bankroll if you get consecutive sizable cashouts. Even when you have successive losses, you will most likely not lose your bankroll if you make low wagers. Should you decide to step up your bet, we advise doing so gradually to avoid losing it all in a few rounds.


Use the auto-bet feature

It will help you play many rounds without stress. In this regard, you’ll easily set your auto-bet amount for each round. Also, Auto Collect will smoothen your gameplay, as it removes the need to hit the collect button in each round. Given that you may not always be so fast to do that, we highly advise the Auto Collect tool.


Set low multipliers in auto-collect

While playing for free, you’ll find that JetX has more low/mid-sized wins. Although they are small, they will help you maintain a reasonable bankroll in the long run.

JetX3 crash game

Following the tremendous success of the JetX casino game, Smartsoft Gaming created a spin-off title, JetX3. As anyone would expect, the JetX3 game comes with significant improvements in gameplay, graphics, and bet sizes, among others. It still retains the jet/space theme, but this time, three jets are flying aggressively into space. Accompanying those three jets are three bets, and you can wager between €0.1 and €300 on any of them. By the way, you can wager on all three jets on the same round manually or automatically.

The auto-collect option permits you to set the win multiplier between 1.35x and 5000x. The RTP remains 97%, which is great for such an exciting crash title. There are live stats on the screen for this game’s desktop and mobile versions. Similarly, you’ll smoothly access the live chat around the statistics area and converse with other users while playing the JetX3 game.          

Crash games similar to JetX

Crash games now hold a spectacular position in all the best online casinos around. They mostly have a high RTP, sizable max payouts, and so on. While the payouts vary from one title to another, it’s an established fact that the gameplay is straightforward. As such, titles like Triple Cash or Crash, Aviator, Spaceman, and Cash It, among others, are well-played. This section takes a look at these games in detail.

  • aviator


    Developed by innovative game provider Spribe, Aviator is one of the most-played crash titles around. It has an aeroplane theme and two bet options. You can stake from 15 shillings (€0.1) to 14,886 shillings (€100) on each bet per round. The game comes with a 97% RTP and a maximum multiplier of 10,000x. Both autoplay and auto cashout are available, while the game is made with the Provably Fair algorithm.   

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  • Lucky Crumbling

    Lucky Crumbling

    Lucky Crumbling is a popular title from Evoplay Entertainment. Like many other crash games, Lucky Crumbling has a dual-bet feature that allows you to wager as you wish within the acceptable bet limits. The limits are from €1 to €750 per round. Importantly, the maximum multiplier is 1000x, while the max payout is 111,645,000 shillings (€750,000). The game statistics and live chat are also placed on the screen for convenience.        

  • Cash It

    Cash It

    Cash It is a thrilling game from renowned software giant Playtech. It has an aeroplane theme and a 96% RTP, which is fairly acceptable for a crash game. The bet size per round ranges from 74 shillings (€0.50) to 74,430 (€500), which is quite attractive to high rollers. Up to 100 rounds can be initiated via autoplay, while the auto-collect value is capped at 4000x. Ultimately, the maximum multiplier of 5000x can be won at Cash It.       

  • Spaceman


    When it comes to software designs and animations, Spaceman is arguably one of the best crash games ever. But the game’s 95% RTP is poor and might somewhat reduce the game’s appeal. Having said that, Spaceman has some pretty exciting gameplay, where you can collect half or full multipliers. You can wager between 150 shillings (€1) and 14,886 shillings (€100) here. Interestingly, the maximum multiplier is 5000x, while the highest real-money payout is an incredible 74,430,000 shillings (€500,000).

  • High Striker

    High Striker

    High Striker is an entertaining social multiplayer game from Evoplay Entertainment. The title has a 98% RTP, one of the highest you’ll get from similar games. The bet for each round is from 150 shillings (€1) to 14,886 shillings (€100). High Striker is built with the Provably Fair technology, so you may copy every game round’s hash and verify it on the blockchain. You can win a maximum of 1000x multiplier and a real-money payout of 13,397,400 shillings (€90,000).   

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Play JetX for free



JetX has been a remarkable title in the crash games landscape, and deservedly so. It features two bets, and each of them lets you collect multipliers according to your preference. You may collect such multipliers automatically or manually, but based on experience, Auto Collect is much more helpful. Opting for high multipliers is tempting; however, we must stress that they do not drop frequently. Rather, smaller multipliers hit often, so you might consider collecting them often.

Sound knowledge of this game is essential; therefore, you should extensively play for free before wagering real money. You need to have a budget and stick to it as you play. A 97% RTP and a 10,000x maximum multiplier make JetX highly riveting. However, if you wish to try something more compelling, the JetX3 game is an astonishing spin-off available in most JetX online casinos. Overall, you’ll have a delightful experience at JetX in Kenyan online casinos, especially on our recommended sites.

JetX game FAQ

How much can I win in JetX?

The maximum multiplier in the JetX bet game is 25,000x, while the highest payout is 1,488,600 shillings (€10,000).

How much can I bet in JetX?

The betting range in JetX is from 15 shillings (€0.10) to 14,886 shillings (€100). You can stake within this amount on one or two bet options.

How to play JetX?

To play JetX for real money, you have to join a trusted platform and fund your account afterwards. Then visit the game library, select this title and place your bet accordingly. Wait for the jet to leave and collect your multiplier before the jet crashes.

When should I click cash out?

The ‘collect’ button is present after your bet is received. While some players may collect small and mid-sized multipliers, others may opt for high multipliers. You can set the auto-collect for instant collection of low, mid-sized or high multipliers. Thus, you have to tap the collect button based on the risk you can take.

Are there any helpful tricks in JetX?

Yes. You have to learn how the JetX game works by playing as many free rounds as possible. When you wish to start real-money gaming, it’s best to begin with smaller bets and also focus on low multipliers, as they are more consistent. You’d be better off with the auto-collect feature, especially if you wish to place two bets or play many rounds.