Best Bitcoin Crypto Casinos Kenya 2024

Best Bitcoin Crypto Casinos Kenya 2024

Cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon in the digital world. Many institutions have already adopted blockchain technology into their operations. In finance and data security, cryptocurrencies are gaining traction, and more people and businesses, including online casinos, are beginning to recognise them as a mode of payment. With the gush in the number of digital transactions and the increased usage of cryptos, the best crypto casinos in Kenya have taken the iGaming space by storm.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised; thus, it’s easy to sail over cross-border transactions and other constraints that conventional and other fiat online payment systems face. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most commonly used for deposits and withdrawals in crypto casinos. In addition, crypto casinos provide a few perks over regular fiat-money casinos such as a high level of security and privacy, which are vital traits for online gambling. With crypto payments increasingly becoming inevitable, some online gamblers are still not fully informed about crypto casinos and how they operate. This review will shed light on where to buy and keep crypto for online gambling, how to deposit and withdraw in Kenyan crypto online casinos, and the most popular cryptocurrencies found in crypto casinos, among other features. Furthermore, this page lists the most reputable top 10 crypto casinos in Kenya.

Best bitcoin casinos JUNE 2024

CasinoWelcome OfferRatingBonusVisit
M-Pesa & Airtel
122 Bet22 Bet ReviewGet up to KES 36,254 on your first deposit!
KES 36,254Players from US welcomePlay now!
2ParipesaParipesa ReviewClaim up to KES 177,500 bonus as a welcome package!
KES 177,500Players from US welcomePlay now!
3HelabetHelabet ReviewRedeem up to KES 162,000 on your first four deposits!
KES 162,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
M-Pesa & Airtel
4BetwinnerBetwinner ReviewKES 15,000 on your first four deposits!
KES 15,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
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Brad I. Reviewed & updated: 11.06.2024 By gambling expert Brad I.

About cryptocurrencies

When American cryptographer David Chaum released a conference paper highlighting an initial version of pseudonymous cryptographic electronic money in 1983, the concept of cryptocurrency was born. The idea was to create a currency that could be sent anonymously and without the use of centralised entities such as banks. Chaum worked on his early ideas and created Digicash, a proto-cryptocurrency, in 1989. It needed user software to withdraw money from a bank using unique encrypted keys before the funds could be transferred to the recipient. In 1998, Nick Szabo created Bit Gold, often regarded as a forerunner to Bitcoin. It called for participants to devote computer power to solving cryptographic puzzles, and those who did would be rewarded. When merged with Chaum’s idea, it resulted in a product that resembled Bitcoin.

However, Szabo’s idea didn’t address the issue of double spending because digital data couldn’t be copied and pasted without the use of a central authority. It wasn’t until October 31, 2008, that an anonymous group or person, using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, published a white paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System,” addressing the double spending problem. The white paper described the Bitcoin blockchain network’s functionality, which at its most basic, involved designing incorruptible data structures. In January 2009, Satoshi mined the first block of the Bitcoin network, now known as the Genesis Block. Bitcoin prices increased steadily over the years until July 2017, when a software upgrade to Bitcoin was authorised to support the development of a layer-two scaling solution (Lightning Network) and improve security.

During the same year (2017), a blockchain-based project called Ethereum was making waves in the cryptocurrency world, rapidly becoming the second-most popular cryptocurrency by market cap since its launch in July 2015. It introduced smart contracts to cryptocurrency, paving the way for various new projects such as Cardano and Tezos. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum allows other platforms to launch and operate on its blockchain.

Bitcoin quick facts

✅ Name Bitcoin
⚡ Type Cryptocurrency
⚖️ Incorporated Decentralized
👨‍💻 Website
📅  Founded 2009
🤵 Support No
💵 Market cap $10,235,076,116
💳 Deposit Yes
⚡Deposit time Instant
💰 Withdrawal Yes
⭐ Withdrawal time Instant

Bitcoin video review


Where to buy and keep cryptos for online casino gambling

Since financial institutions don’t govern cryptocurrencies, you can’t just purchase them from your bank or investment firm. You must create a cryptocurrency trading platform account to exchange your Kenyan shillings (or other currency) for digital assets. These trading platforms are digital marketplaces known as crypto exchanges, where you can buy and sell crypto using fiat currencies or trade one cryptocurrency for another. Furthermore, you can exchange cryptocurrency for Kenyan shillings and leave it as cash in your account (if you want to continue trading into cryptos afterwards) or withdraw it to your fiat account. Binance, Gemini, kuCoin, Bybit, etc., are some popular crypto exchange platforms where players can purchase and trade cryptos.

For safekeeping your digital coins, crypto wallets store your private keys on servers connected to the internet (hot wallets) or off the internet (cold wallets). The private keys prove ownership and allow you to access the digital funds in case you need to make transactions. In addition, these wallets allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Please note that if you lose your private keys, you’ll lose access to your crypto. Thus, keeping your cold wallet secure is essential, or use reputable wallet platforms such as Metamask, Exodus, Coinbase, etc.

Most popular cryptocurrencies in Kenyan online casinos

Even though there’s currently a wide range of traditional payment options that online casinos accept, some players opt to use cryptocurrency due to its cost-effectiveness and transaction speed. The best crypto casinos in Kenya offer popular cryptocurrencies such as:

  • bitcoin


    Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency that employs blockchain technology to create a unique identifier. Satoshi Nakamoto created BTC in 2008, and it has since grown to become the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is created through a process known as mining, in which computers solve complex cryptographic hash puzzles to validate transaction blocks updated on the distributed blockchain network. Opting to play in an online casino with Bitcoin as a payment alternative has several benefits such as nominal transaction processing fees, speedy transactions, secure peer-to-peer transfers, and anonymity.

  • Litecoin


    Litecoin (LTC) is an altcoin that was created to address some of Bitcoin’s perceived flaws such as slow transaction speeds. Unlike BTC, which has advanced to be a “store of value” crypto for long-term purposes, LTC is designed for daily and affordable transactions such as depositing funds in Litecoin crypto casinos. Its mining algorithm was forked from the Bitcoin protocol in 2011 by Charlie Lee (a former Google engineer), resulting in faster transaction processing speeds than BTC. Like BTC, Litecoin employs blockchain technology to create a decentralised public digital ledger of all transactions, allowing it to operate independently of government oversight.

  • Ethereum


    Ethereum (ETH) is a decentralised digital currency which was created in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin but was available for purchase much later, in July 2015. His goal was to create a cryptocurrency with faster transactions, smoother operations, and more affordable service charges than Bitcoin. Thus, ETH was created based on blockchain technology with far more diverse operations and transactions. ETH’s notable features include its ability to run and execute smart contracts. Smart contracts are programs that run on the Ethereum blockchain network. They can only be executed if both parties involved in the contract have met all agreed-upon preconditions.

  • Tether


    Tether is a stablecoin built on various blockchains such as Algorand, Ethereum, EOS, Liquid Network, Omni, Tron, Bitcoin Cash’s Standard Ledger Protocol, and Solana. It’s popularly known as USDT, meaning its price is pegged to the stable USD fiat currency asset. This aspect addresses the price volatility issue other cryptocurrencies face and reflects the US dollar’s market value across blockchains. Hence, it’s an ideal payment option for Kenyan players in crypto online casinos as it offers a much faster and more secure mode to make transactions in virtual form. Furthermore, USDT’s pegging attribute distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH because its value is usually locked at 1:1 with the USD fiat currency.

  • BNB

    Binance Coin

    Binance is one of the top most used crypto exchange platforms in the cryptocurrency trading space. Due to its popularity and innovation, the Binance exchange created its blockchain and crypto token known as Binance Coin (BNB). BNB began as an exchange token used to pay transaction processing fees on the Binance exchange platform, among other things. Since becoming the native unit of currency of the Binance Smart Chain, BNB has also been used as a payment option for the blockchain’s network fees. In addition, the most popular crypto casinos in KE offer BNB as a banking method. The Binance Coin uses decentralised transaction ledgers that offer fast deposits and withdrawals without disclosing personal information to the Bitcoin online casino. This payment alternative is suitable for players who value their anonymity and offers the added benefit of cheaper transactions compared to BTC and ETH.

Crypto casinos vs traditional online casinos

Kenyan Bitcoin casino sites are like traditional online casinos but accept deposits and withdrawals through cryptocurrencies. Players can use BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, etc., to fund their casino accounts and begin real money gameplay in the new crypto casinos. Crypto online casinos offer several perks over traditional casinos. These include

  • Transparency

    In traditional online casinos, the game results are prone to rigging if reputable 3rd party audit firms do not thoroughly audit the games for fairness. Most popular crypto casinos ensure that all the Bitcoin casino games offer fair and trustworthy game rounds through a results verification concept known as “Provably Fair.”

  • Higher withdrawal and deposit limits

    Most conventional banking methods usually have deposit and withdrawal limits that players must abide by during transactions. However, crypto banking methods offer an upper hand as they offer higher maximum transaction limits. These casinos are ideal for high rollers since they can make huge deposits and cashouts.

  • Convenience and affordability

    Bitcoin online casinos are convenient for players who want faster access to their winnings in real cash. Players at crypto casinos can receive their funds quicker and with lower costs.

  • Security and safety

    Customers must enter their personal and banking information when creating a player account at most traditional online casinos. Giving credit card details to a 3rd party can be dangerous as the sensitive information can be used to commit crimes if not properly handled. Fortunately, the best online casinos that accept crypto deposits prioritise player privacy and security. You only fill out your information once and make payment to the provided address. Therefore, your confidential details are kept safe from unauthorised access.

Depositing to crypto online casinos in Kenya

Depositing to crypto online casinos is quick and straightforward. The crypto banking option is convenient, secure, and swift for Kenyan gamblers as the funds are credited immediately into their player account. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to deposit money to a Bitcoin online casino:



Upon perusing our recommended crypto casinos list and selecting your preferred operator, sign up for a player account and move to the banking/cashier section.



You’ll be offered various crypto payment options, such as BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, BNB, etc., that you can use to deposit funds into your player account. Click on your crypto payment option choice to deposit funds into your account.



Afterwards, you’ll be redirected to a new window with the crypto casino’s wallet address in two formats (one in QR code and the other in text format). If your crypto wallet is stored on a smart device with a camera, you’ll need to click the “Send” button and scan the displayed QR code. It automatically picks the casino’s wallet address and asks you to enter the amount you want to transfer and authorise the payment. Alternatively, you can opt to copy and paste the casino’s address in text format from the casino site into your crypto wallet on the payment page.



Crypto deposits are typically completed instantly without transaction processing fees, meaning that your player account will be credited within a minute or less. Once you’re done with the payment process, you are free to test your skills and strategies in any of your favourite real money casino games. Top Bitcoin casinos offer welcome bonuses, which require players to make an initial deposit before claiming it.

Withdrawing from KE crypto online casinos

After hitting a jackpot or landing a substantial win, you should want to go through the casino’s withdrawal procedure to receive your winnings to your crypto wallet. The cashout procedure is usually swift and simple. Below is a breakdown of the entire cashout process from a crypto online casino:

1.  You must go to the banking/cashier section and click the “Withdraw” icon. There’ll be a list of payout options on display. Choose the cryptocurrency that you prefer.

2.  Afterwards, open your crypto wallet, click on deposit and select the same cryptocurrency as you did on the casino’s site. 

3.  Go back to the casino’s withdrawal page, where you’ll be asked for your crypto address. Enter the wallet address in the given space, fill in your preferred withdrawal amount, and click on “Submit.”

4.  Once you’ve submitted your cashout order, please wait for it to be processed by the online crypto casino. Casino withdrawal times usually differ from one operator to the other, although requests are processed within 24 hours in most crypto casinos.

5.  Upon successful withdrawal request processing, the casino will release your funds to your crypto wallet. You can sell the cryptocurrency from your wallet and convert it to KE shillings or other fiat currencies.

Provably Fair games

The availability of provably fair games is a feature shared by many crypto casinos. These are casino games in which players can determine the transparency and fairness of final results. Slots and table games are examples of provably fair game categories. Primarily, if you suspect that the results of your games have been rigged, you can verify each outcome to stamp out any doubts.

Provably Fair is a new online gambling technology used in Bitcoin casino games. To describe it, Provably Fair is an algorithm that reviews and validates the fairness of online casino games to its gamblers. It helps ease most players’ fears that casino sites will defraud them of their money. The algorithm calculates the outcomes by using three variables. They include:

  • Server seed

    The online crypto casino provides this variable.

  • Client seed

    It’s provided by the browser you’re using to play the titles and is adjustable.

  • Cryptographic nonce

    This is a number that increases in direct proportion to the number of bets made by a player.

Before beginning your game session, an encrypted hash of the server seed will be sent to you by the casino. With the hashing and randomness of the server seed, the crypto casino and the player can’t alter it to suit their edge. On the other hand, the player’s browser randomly generates a client seed. Players can calibrate the seed before placing a bet or beginning to play to ensure that the casino is unaware of your seed in advance. As for the cryptographic nonce, the number will begin at 0 or 1, depending on the casino site, increasing each time you place a bet. 

The algorithm uses the nonce, server, and client seeds to select a random game outcome. To verify the results, the crypto casino has a verifier tool on-site that allows players to input the hashed seeds provided and the nonce to check if the outcome value it produces matches the one in the game. If the results match, then the game is completely fair.

Crypto casino games in Kenya

Besides cost-effective and lightning-fast transactions, crypto casinos offer a great Bitcoin casino list of games stretching from slots to table games and live dealer games. In addition, these casino games are provided by leading game vendors such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution, etc. Below is an in-depth scrutiny of the categories as mentioned above;

  • slots

    Crypto slots in Kenyan online casinos

    Online slot fanatics always have an immense catalogue of slot titles they can enjoy at top Bitcoin casinos. Since various top-tier vendors supply the titles, you can play everything you prefer, from classic 3-reel slots to modern 5-reel video slots. Furthermore, if you fancy hitting a jackpot, there are different slot titles with progressive jackpot features that you can play. Regarding game features, some slot titles usually offer additional gameplay elements and bonuses such as free spins, wild and scatter symbols, bonus rounds, etc. In addition, some slots possess various winning mechanics like Megaways and 243 Ways. These slot games become irresistible to players once combined with immersive graphics, life-like animations, soundtracks, and various storylines.

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  • games

    Crypto table games in Kenyan online casinos

    Table and card games are undeniably high-adrenaline titles to play. When you factor in cryptocurrency, the games become even more enthralling. Table games require finesse and expertise to play. However, despite having a tad of complex rules for novices, they are still fun to play. These games range from multiple versions of blackjack and poker to roulette and baccarat variations. Some of the most popular versions of these games include American, French, and European Roulette, Classic Blackjack and Baccarat, etc. Moreover, video poker, keno, scratchcards, and craps are also part of the table games category.

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  • live dealer

    Live casinos with cryptocurrencies in Kenya

    Live dealer games with cryptocurrencies combine the fun of betting on online casino games with digital currencies and the thrill of playing in real time. These games feature live real-life croupiers streamed to players from land-based casinos or state-of-the-art studios worldwide. In contrast to RNG-run table games, live dealer games are ideal for players who prefer to see the cards being dealt by the croupier or the roulette wheel spinning. Additionally, these games usually have a chat feature that allows you to communicate with the croupier or other players while playing, resulting in a more socially active experience for gamblers. Live casino games range from poker to blackjack and roulette variations.

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Pros and cons of using crypto in online casinos

In the new era of decentralised finance (DeFi), online casinos are increasingly incorporating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into their payment systems. With that said, below are some benefits and drawbacks of using crypto in online casinos.

Your payment details can’t be stolen from you by a third party, as the transactions don’t require any personal information to be submitted.
Crypto transactions are close to instantaneous since they typically take less than an hour to complete.
Since no middlemen are involved in a decentralised network, there are usually nominal charges for crypto transactions.
Cryptocurrencies are decentralised – your crypto account can’t be frozen due to the absence of a central regulatory authority.
Cryptocurrencies aren’t subject to inflation; hence, they cannot be mass-produced and thrown into the economy randomly to curb inflation like with fiat currencies.
Price volatility – crypto prices usually bounce up and down daily.
Cryptocurrencies can be associated with criminal activities because they make committing fraud easier than fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency alternatives for casino players from Kenya

Payment method Link to read
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Crypto casino bonuses in Kenya

Kenyan Bitcoin casino sites have an amazing reputation for providing irresistible bonuses that help in boosting the bankroll and increase playtime for new and existing players. 

  • welcome bonus

    Welcome bonuses in crypto online casinos

    Crypto casinos in KE ensure new players get a great gambling experience by offering generous welcome packages. This package usually comprises a portion (Percentage) matching the amount of the player’s initial deposit or free spins, and sometimes a fusion of the two. Furthermore, these welcome offers come with certain wagering requirements that players must meet before submitting any withdrawal requests. Please note that the welcome package is normally available exclusively to new players on the casino site.

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  • deposit match bonus

    Match bonuses in crypto online casinos

    Also known as reload bonuses, these offers are normally issued as a player-retention technique for the crypto casino to re-engage with existing players who haven’t been playing or depositing for a while. A match bonus is offered in a monetary form to existing online casino players when they deposit funds into their player accounts. Crypto gamblers receive a reward from the online crypto casino that matches whatever amount they’ve deposited, up to a particular percentage.
    For example, suppose the operator offers a 100% match bonus of up to 10,000 Kenyan shillings. In that case, the online casino will give you an extra KSH 10,000 to play with if you deposit 10,000 shillings. Therefore, your total bankroll after receiving the bonus will be KSH 20,000. On the other hand, some crypto casinos also use match bonuses to promote new games or casino events. Like with welcome offers, match bonuses also come with wagering requirements that you must fulfil before withdrawing any winnings associated with the bonus.

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  • free spins

    Crypto casino free spins

    bonuses, such as a welcome package or an individual bonus. In addition, you can earn free spins through other casino events like participating in tournaments and getting awarded for being the top player on the leaderboard, depositing regularly (daily or weekly), etc. It’s advisable to always read the playthrough requirements associated with free spins as they differ from one casino to the other.

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  • no deposit bonus

    No-deposit bonuses in online crypto casinos

    No-deposit bonuses are typically free rewards that a player receives for creating an account at a Kenyan crypto casino. This bonus allows players to try out different gameplay strategies and game features without spending their money. As a player, you’re not required to make an initial deposit to claim a no-deposit bonus. Moreover, this promotion comes in various forms, such as cash rewards or free spins. It’s usually available after verifying your email address during account registration. Like other bonuses, you must adhere to the given terms and conditions that come with the promotion. For instance, some no-deposit bonuses are limited to certain games and have particular wagering requirements and betting limits.

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Mobile crypto casinos in Kenya

mobileThe most popular crypto casinos in Kenya have ensured no quality deterioration in mobile casino games through HTML5 technology. This feature has provided players the reliability and utmost pleasure of using their mobile devices to enjoy their favourite games. Mobile crypto casino games are fully-optimised for instant play on mobile web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla. 

As a player, you need not download an additional software application to access the casino’s webpage on your mobile, though some casinos can offer mobile apps for Android. Important casino elements like banking, promotions, and casino tournaments are also easily accessible via smartphones and tablet devices with Android, Windows, or iOS operating systems. In addition, crypto casinos employ SSL encryption technology to ensure the safety of players’ personal information and financial data.


The best crypto casinos in Kenya are re-shaping the online gambling industry by providing fast payout services, transparent and fair casino games, and exceptional customer support to their crypto players. Kenyan players are at the forefront of this enthralling radical shift, providing them with countless perks that have contributed to an exhilarating gambling experience. Our page has provided a list of crypto casinos that have been critically vetted and analysed to ensure that players get a secure and authentic gaming adventure. Furthermore, this article has highlighted some essential information such as the history of cryptocurrency, where to buy and keep crypto for online gambling, the perks of crypto casinos over standard casinos, provably fair concept, various promotions provided in crypto casinos, how to deposit and withdraw from crypto casinos, etc.

Crypto casinos FAQ

What are the best crypto casinos in Kenya?

The best crypto casinos in Kenya offer transparent and fair casino games, popular cryptocurrencies for banking, mobile casino versions, etc. The list of these casinos can be found on this page, as our expert team has fully vetted the operators for transparency and a smooth gambling experience.

What crypto can I use for betting in online casinos?

There are various cryptocurrencies that players can use to deposit and withdraw funds from casino sites. The most popular cryptos include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Tether, etc.

Are crypto casinos legal?

No central authority governs or regulates cryptos since they're decentralised and untraceable. On the other hand, online casinos are legal in Kenya as long as the operator is fully licensed and authorised by The Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Commission. In our expert opinion, the legality of crypto casinos is unclear as there's no mention of crypto gambling in the Gaming Act.

How do crypto casinos work?

Crypto casinos are online casinos that allow players to deposit funds and withdraw winnings from their casino accounts through cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies.

Where can I buy cryptocurrency?

For crypto players, numerous crypto exchange platforms exist for users to buy and trade cryptocurrencies online through a peer-to-peer payment system.

What kinds of casino games can I play with crypto?

Like standard online operators, crypto casinos offer different casino games ranging from table and instant games to slots and live casino games.

What is Provably Fair?

Provably Fair is a blockchain-based algorithm that interacts with several variables to ascertain a game outcome before the bets are placed. Provably fair games allow players to participate in determining the fairness of game outcomes by authenticating the final results through a verifier tool.

Are there crypto casino bonuses?

Like fiat-currency online operators, crypto casinos offer their players different promotions such as welcome packages, free spins, no-deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, etc.

How much can I withdraw from a bitcoin casino daily and weekly?

The minimum daily withdrawal limit is usually 0.0002 BTC or its equivalent in Kenyan shillings, while the maximum withdrawal daily amount allowed ranges between 1-3 BTC. Depending on your Bitcoin casino, weekly withdrawal limits vary from 3 BTC to 5 Bitcoins. Some casinos set no limits on how much one can withdraw.

Are withdrawals instant?

Contrary to what most players believe, crypto withdrawals are not instant but faster compared to fiat currency withdrawals. For speedy transactions, crypto players are required to pay nominal additional charges.