Best Mastercard Online Casinos Kenya 2024

Best Mastercard Online Casinos Kenya 2024

Mastercard is undoubtedly among the most popular and reliable banking methods in Kenyan online casinos and elsewhere. The payment method is a perfect option for online casino players who wish to make deposits and withdrawals safely in the best Mastercard online casinos in Kenya. Moreover, nearly all the legit real money online casinos in Kenya accept Mastercard payments. 

The available banking methods in an online casino are among the factors that players consider before signing up. A payment method should address a player’s pain points by being straightforward, convenient, and secure. This helps players have more fun playing games rather than concentrating on their banking. The more convenient and secure payment methods offered in a casino, the more players will join it. 

In this article, we are guiding you through the deposit and withdrawal processes while using Mastercard, answer your frequently asked questions, and, more importantly, help you find the best Mastercard online casinos in Kenya to gamble safely.

Best Mastercard Online Casinos JULY 2024

CasinoWelcome OfferRatingBonusVisit
M-Pesa & Airtel
122 Bet22 Bet ReviewGet up to KES 36,254 on your first deposit!
KES 36,254Players from US welcomePlay now!
2ParipesaParipesa ReviewClaim up to KES 177,500 bonus as a welcome package!
KES 177,500Players from US welcomePlay now!
3HelabetHelabet ReviewRedeem up to KES 162,000 on your first four deposits!
KES 162,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
M-Pesa & Airtel
4BetwinnerBetwinner ReviewKES 15,000 on your first four deposits!
KES 15,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
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About Mastercard

Mastercard is among the most prevalent global financial service providers. The American multinational company was founded in 1966 by a group of regional bankcard associations and was initially known as Interbank. It was rebranded to Master Charge in 1969 and later to Mastercard in 1979. The card was founded in response to the BankAmericard from the Bank of America, which later became Visa. Today, Mastercard is headquartered in Purchase, New York. 

Mastercard is a global leader in payment services and technology processes. It has partnered with over 25,000 banks and financial institutions worldwide and is well-known to many online casino players. The company’s core business is processing payments between the banks of merchants and users who hold Mastercard debit, credit, and prepaid cards to make purchases. Mastercard guarantees top security, fast deposits, and excellent service. 

Players can quickly obtain a Mastercard branded card of their choice from most of the top banks in Kenya to suit their needs while enjoying the card’s perks. The card is linked to a bank account, and players can securely transfer funds from their bank to and from an online casino through their Mastercard. 

Mastercard quick facts

✅ Name Mastercard Inc. (public company)
⚡ Type Credit / Debit cards
⚖️ Incorporated USA
👨‍💻 Website
📅  Founded 1966
🤵 Support issuing bank support
💵 Market cap $330.35 Billion
💳 Deposit Yes
⚡Deposit time Instant
💰 Withdrawal Yes
⭐ Withdrawal time up to 1 day

Deposits to Kenyan casino sites accepting Mastercard

Mastercard provides various types of cards, including debit, credit, and prepaid ones. You can easily acquire the cards from your bank or other financial institutions. You can link your Mastercard to your bank account and make transactions more effortless. Depositing at an online casino using Mastercard is fast and easy. Most of the best Kenyan online casinos accept Mastercard payments, so it doesn’t take much effort to find one.

It only takes a few steps to complete a deposit via Mastercard if you take the following steps:

  1. Find a top Mastercard casino from our list and head to the cashier section to select Mastercard as your payment method.
  2. To initiate the deposit, you will need to provide your banking information which includes your name, card number, and Card Verification Value (CVV) from the back of your card.
  3. Select your desired deposit amount, keeping in mind the deposit limits, including requirements of potential bonuses and promotions (if you wish to claim them). 
  4. Mastercard deposits are instant, so the funds will be credited to your account immediately, and you can start enjoying your favourite games. 

Withdrawal from Mastercard online casinos in Kenya

Similar to deposits, Mastercard withdrawals are a breeze. Most Kenyan casinos accepting Mastercard deposits will also allow withdrawals via Mastercard. A typical withdrawal process is as follows:

  1. Check out Mastercard on the casino’s cashier page.
  2. Enter your Mastercard information.  
  3. Input your withdrawal amount, making sure you are aware of the withdrawal limits in the online casino. 

It will take about 24-48 hours for the casino to process your withdrawal, and the funds will reach your card in two to four business days after that. Withdrawals in most Kenyan online casinos are usually free, but some casinos may charge a small fee, often about 2% or less. 

Mastercard alternatives for casino players from Kenya

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Types of Mastercard

Mastercard provides various cards with unique features to suit all user preferences. The types of Mastercard that KE casino fans can use at top Mastercard casinos include

  • Debit cards for the best Mastercard casino sites

    Mastercard debit cards are a worthy alternative to credit cards and are more suited for online gambling. Debit cards are directly linked to your bank account and are perfect for online gamblers looking for a secure way to deposit funds into their casino balance. 

    Debit Mastercard works similarly to credit cards, but the main difference is that you can only use the funds available in your bank account. Debit Mastercard also offers an electronic record of every transaction to help you keep track of what you spend. The cards have different tiers that come with different benefits. The levels are Standard, Enhanced, and World.

  • Credit cards for the best Mastercard casino sites

    Credit Mastercard grants online casino players in Kenya financial freedom and more spending power compared to debit cards. Unlike debit cards where your deposits are debited from your bank account, your bank pays, adds the sum to your outstanding balance and grants you a credit. 

    However, you will need to apply and qualify for a credit card. Financial institutions will review your credit score, and if you are eligible, you will earn a specific credit limit. The better your credit score, the higher your credit limit. If you spend more than that limit, you might incur over-limit fees. Credit cards contain loaned funds that you will need to pay every month in most cases, and with interest.

    In the event you lack a good credit score, you can use a secured credit Mastercard, a no-annual-fee credit card that helps you build your credit score. The secured Mastercard works like a debit card. You can only use your funds, not a loan from a bank. There are different levels of a credit Mastercard, each promising unique perks. The levels include Standard, World, and World Elite Credit Mastercard.

  • Prepaid Mastercard casino payments

    The Mastercard prepaid card is a preloaded card issued in partnership with Mastercard Worldwide. The prepaid card is not linked to your bank account, which allows you to access one without opening an account. Prepaid Mastercard is another alternative payment method at the best Mastercard casinos online. The cards allow users to load them up to desired amounts for further use.

    Prepaid cards are a better option for an online gambler since they help you play responsibly and have more control of your budget as they are not linked to your bank account. If the funds in your prepaid card are depleted, you have to recharge it and thus use only what you can afford. Prepaid Mastercard is a good payment option for online casino visitors as it does not require a bank account or credit check. 

Fees in Mastercard online casinos in Kenya

More often than not, you will not incur any transaction fees while using Mastercard to make deposits and withdrawals from an online casino. However, some casinos may charge a small transaction fee during withdrawals, which is usually around 2% of your total withdrawal amount. Alongside that, several costs are associated with using Mastercard, which vary depending on the type of card. These include

  • Annual fees

    Mastercard credit cards charge an annual fee for owning a credit card.

  • Interest fees

    Mastercard CCs have a variable annual percentage rate (APR) which is the interest on a credit account. You will be charged interest if you do not fully pay off your balance each billing cycle. Mastercard also provides 0% APR cards which temporarily relieve you from interest. Nevertheless, you will have to clear your balance before the interest-free period ends.

  • Late payment fees

    Mastercard CC users incur a fee each time they pay their credit card bills late. The cost can increase in case of violations for six consecutive billing cycles.

Pros and cons of Mastercard

Mastercard provides a fast and reliable payment option for online casino punters. At the same time, everything that has an advantage, has a drawback. Mastercard has more pros than cons, and is among the reasons why it is widely used and accepted. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Mastercard.

Mastercard ensures quick and safe deposits and withdrawals to online casino gamers.
The deposit process in a Mastercard casino is instant.
Wide acceptance in online casinos.
Mastercard provides a safe and secure way to deposit and withdraw funds with an online casino.
Whereas Mastercard is safe and secure, it is not free from security risks like identity theft. Mastercard employs the Zero Liability policy, which ensures you will not be liable for unauthorised transactions with your card if someone gains access to your CC information. 
Mastercard credit card holders use borrowed funds that they are required to pay. This may be advantageous for many, but not good to some players who might have trouble managing their funds. Online casino players might be tempted to spend beyond their capabilities and fail to meet payment requirements, thus accruing debts. Moreover, late credit card bill payments are subject to some extra charges which might add up and prove detrimental to players’ financial status.
This is not a common practice, some online casinos impose a low commission (appr. 1 to 2 percent) on Mastercard withdrawal transactions. 

Mastercard casino bonuses

Mastercard online casinos open up a variety of bonus opportunities for Mastercard users. You’ll find many KE online casinos with Mastercard promotions for new and existing players. Below are some popular casino bonuses normally offered in Kenya-friendly online gambling sites.

  • welcome bonus

    Welcome bonus

    A welcome bonus is an online casino’s way of thanking new players for signing up. Some online casino welcome bonuses are appealing in size and come with minimal wagering requirements. Check out our top list of Mastercard casinos to find the best welcome offers and deposit using your Mastercard credit, debit, or prepaid card to claim the offer. 

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  • deposit match bonus

    Reload bonus

    These are match bonuses offered to players after a successful deposit. Reload bonuses usually set a qualifying deposit and then reward you with a bonus amount that matches the deposit at a certain percentage. Reloads can be offered daily, weekly or monthly depending on the online casino. Some reload bonuses allow you to claim an associated reward multiple times as long as you make a qualifying (minimum) deposit.

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  • games

    Game-specific bonuses

    Another type of bonus you can expect to find at Mastercard casinos is a game-specific bonus. There are bonuses linked to specific games or game providers that offer free spins on particular slot games. You can also use this type of bonus with online table games or live games, depending on its terms and conditions.

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  • Referral bonuses

    You can refer someone you know and get rewarded with a referral bonus. Referral bonuses offer an invitation link that you can send to interested players and get rewarded once they sign up for an account and make a successful Mastercard deposit. These bonuses usually have small rewards, but they can be redeemed multiple times, making them worthwhile. 

  • Loyalty program

    You will barely find an online casino that accepts Mastercard without any loyalty or rewards program. The program is set to reward players with points for each shilling they spend at the casino. The points you accumulate are redeemable for certain prizes like cash or buy-ins into exclusive tournaments.


Mastercard is a popular payment method among online casinos in Kenya that promises safe and speedy deposits and withdrawals. Mastercard comes with a good selection of cards, including credit, debit, and prepaid ones. Due to the payment method’s popularity, many online casinos accept card payments. You can enjoy all the perks of using this option at the best Mastercard online casinos in Kenya. Deposits there are quick and efficient, while withdrawals are straightforward and secure, though a bit slow. With debit and prepaid cards, punters cannot go behind their limits, unlike credit cards that allow spending more than one can afford. Credit cards fit high rollers who don’t have to worry about overspending.

Mastercard casinos FAQ

What is Mastercard?

Mastercard is a card payment option in various online casinos that allows credit, debit, and prepaid card deposits and withdrawals.

What are the best Mastercard online casinos in Kenya?

You can find the best gambling sites with this payment option in our list of recommended Mastercard casinos.

Do all casinos accept Mastercard deposits?

Nearly all the top online casinos in Kenya accept Mastercard deposits.

May I claim bonuses when depositing with Mastercard?

Yes, you can claim various bonuses in Mastercard online casinos, including welcome bonuses, reloads, and no-deposit bonuses to name a few.

How long is Mastercard withdrawal from a casino?

Withdrawals at Mastercard casinos are processed within 24-48 hours and may take two to four days to reach your account after that.

Are there any fees with Mastercard?

Deposits are free of charge, while withdrawals sometimes incur a small fee.

Can I use it in a mobile casino?

You can deposit to or withdraw funds from mobile casinos that provide Mastercard as a payment option.