Save the Princess in Kenyan Online Casinos

Save the Princess in Kenyan Online Casinos

The online gambling industry has existed for nearly three decades, and crash games have recently caught the attention of fast-paced players who like the tension they come with. These modern online casino games have revolutionised the industry by offering simple yet thrilling gameplay alongside massive potential rewards. If you like titles whose outcome is based on luck and chance, you can play the Save the Princess game in Kenyan online casinos, which offer rewards of up to x81 your bet and a 95% RTP.

Thanks to the creativity of reputable game providers such as Turbo Games, crash games have gained traction among online players who like instant outcomes and wins. Save the Princess is a unique instant-win game in which players go on a challenging quest to save the kidnapped princess. This Save the Princess game review will provide a brief description of what crash games are and how they operate, a breakdown of the Save the Princess game rules, and a well-vetted list of the best online casinos in Kenya where you can play Save the Princess for real money or with fun credits.

Best Casinos to Play Save the Princess MAY 2024

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M-Pesa & Airtel
4BetwinnerBetwinner ReviewKES 15,000 on your first four deposits!
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What is a crash game?

Undeniably, the online gambling industry’s popularity and demand have been growing rapidly, pushing numerous casino software solutions providers to find new ways to keep players engaged and entertained at all times. Thanks to game developers’ unending dedication and commitment, new, fascinating, highly innovative and immersive titles, commonly known as crash games or instant win games, have popped up. But what exactly are they, and how do they work?

To begin with, crash games are a new category of online casino games that feature simple yet exciting gameplay. Thanks to their intuition-based gameplay and instant payouts, these games have recently captured the interest of many fast-paced game lovers since they usually offer massive potential multiplier-based rewards alongside an enhanced adrenaline rush. 

To begin playing for real money, players must select their preferred bet amount during the betting period and wait for the game to start. Once the round starts, a multiplier coefficient value starts growing from 1.00x and keeps increasing until the game is over. Therefore, your primary goal as a player is to gather multiplier coefficients as high as possible before the game ends.

Save the Princess game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Turbo Games
🥇 Release Date: August 2022
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 95%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

Save the Princess interface

  • Save the Princess interface
  • Save the Princess interface
  • Save the Princess interface
  • Save the Princess interface

Provably Fair technology in crash games

To put players’ minds at ease, crash games’ developers integrate cryptographic algorithms, ensuring all outcomes are randomly generated based on a Provably Fair technology. But what is it, and how does it work? The Provably Fair system is a cryptographic algorithm that allows you to verify each round’s result to help eliminate any doubts about the game being manipulated. The algorithm generates the results through three variables, i.e., server seed, client seed, and cryptographic nonce.

Before beginning a round, the online casino will send you an encrypted server seed hash, and your browser will randomly produce a client seed, which you can adjust before placing your real money bet to ensure that the online casino isn’t aware of your seed in advance. On the other hand, the cryptographic nonce will start generating at 0 or 1 (depending on your preferred operator) and keep growing each time you place a bet. 

Crash games provide a verifier tool that allows you to input the three variables and check if the generated outcome is similar to the one in the game. Therefore, Provably Fair technology ensures that no player knows what the result will be at the end of the game.

About Save the Princess game

Save the Princess is an intriguing crash game released in 2022 by Turbo Games, a reputable casino software solutions provider well known for creating instant win games. As the name implies, the game’s primary objective is for you to rescue a princess who’s been kidnapped, giving you the notion of a fearless knight. 

  • Game levels in Save the Princess

    Save the Princess game features seven levels with numerous doors, which decrease on every subsequent stage while increasing the risk level and potential multiplier coefficient. For instance, the first level has 17 doors, whereas the final stage features only five. 

    Therefore, to begin playing Save the Princess for real money, a player must choose a door and then pass through all the levels. However, the path to the princess is filled with dangerous creatures and obstacles such as dragons, goblins, vampires, and death. If one of the enemies appears behind an open door, the game will end, and you’ll lose your bet.

  • Game elements (armour, shields)

    Nevertheless, you can choose a protection gear (armour, extinguisher, and garlic) to defend yourself against the enemies. Like in real life, you cannot escape death in the Save the Princess casino game since there’s no protection against it. 

    The game rewards courage, meaning the less protection you take at the start of every round, the higher the multiplier payouts you’ll receive. If you feel you’ve collected enough multipliers during the trip, you can cash out your current winnings without reaching the final stage.

  • Game settings in brief

    Furthermore, every time you move to the next level, the game’s background changes, delivering the illusion of being on a long and challenging path. The game also offers various unique features for controlling the game’s settings. For instance, you can change your nickname if you wish, adjust the game sound and music or turn them off completely to avoid distraction during gameplay.

Save the Princess game features

As previously stated, the Save the Princess casino game provides players with numerous unique features to help deliver a seamless gambling experience. Below is an overview of the various game functions you can use when playing Save the Princess for real money.


Bet features

If you’re ready to play Save the Princess for real money, you must set your preferred bet amount within the set limits by clicking the (+) button, which increases the bet value or (-) to reduce it. When you click the min button, the game automatically fills in the minimum bet limit (10 shillings), whereas the max will set the maximum limit (KES 11,340).


Protection equipment

The game provides three defence features to protect you against the villains you’ll encounter along your rescue trip. The armour protects you from the goblin, whereas the extinguisher and garlic protect you against the dragon and vampire, respectively.


Start Game

Once you’re done setting your preferred bet amount and selecting your protection equipment, press this button to start a game round.


Cash Out

This button allows you to collect your current winnings during a round before you meet death, terminating the game (assuming you have selected every protection equipment). You’ll lose your bet if you don’t cash out before meeting an enemy behind an open door. If you’ve opened all doors, your winnings will be cashed out automatically.



This button allows you to cancel a bet and save your cash if you don’t feel ready to risk it. Therefore, you can end the game by pressing this button, but it’s only active if you haven’t opened any doors yet.

Volatility levels in Save the Princess

Like all online casino games, the Save the Princess game is governed by specific rules and guidelines you must adhere to whether you’re playing for real money or in demo mode. Luckily, the game features straightforward rules that are easy to understand and apply. As mentioned earlier, the game’s primary objective is for any interested player to go on a quest and try to rescue the kidnapped princess. Furthermore, the game features seven progressive stages with various doors and offers numerous multiplier payouts.

To begin playing Save the Princess for real money, you must first enter your preferred bet amount within the set limits of the game, as specified above. Afterwards, you’re required to select a volatility level, which is determined by the number of protection tools you choose. For instance, selecting one tool sets the difficulty level to Hard, whereas picking two or three will set the game to Medium and Easy mode. Therefore, the more protection you have, the less risky the game is. However, the payout odds also decrease accordingly: 

  • Easy level offers the lowest payout multipliers between x1.01 and x2.12, depending on how close you get to the princess 
  • Medium level offers x1.08–x5.4 your bet amount 
  • Hard level features multiplier payouts ranging between x1.15 and x16.92. 
  • For players confident enough to go on the quest without any weapon, the game will switch to Extreme mode, which offers payout odds of between x1.24 and x81 (the highest multiplier of the game). Note that the Save the Princess casino game has a maximum win limit of KES 1,000,000.

How to play Save the Princess casino game

The game begins with you choosing a random door on the interface, hoping no villains are behind it. This is because if you select a door with an enemy behind it, the game round will end, and you’ll lose your bet, especially if you have no defence tool against the obstacle. As previously stated, there’s no protection against death. Therefore, if the death (skull and crossbones) symbol is behind your selected door, you will lose your wager along with your current winnings.

If you’re lucky enough and open the right doors up to the seventh level, you’ll save the princess and receive the highest payout multiplier, depending on your chosen difficulty level. Luckily, whether you’re playing on your desktop or mobile device, Save the Princess allows you to cash out your current winnings since each level gets more challenging with fewer doors to open as you cruise through the trip.

Live statistics in Save the Princess

Unlike most online casino games, which display outcomes of the previous rounds, Save the Princess offers a unique live stats feature that shows all bets placed in other Turbo Games’ crash games. When you scroll down the game’s interface, you’ll see a panel showing live statistics of the different games, names of the participating players, time of play, each player’s bet amount, the awarded multiplier, and payout in Kenyan shillings. Luckily, this information is displayed in real time, and you can see other game’s progress if you’re interested.

Furthermore, you can check the top overall bets and payouts by clicking the “Top Bets” tab. You can also view your betting history regarding the company’s catalogue by visiting the “My Bets” page.

Games similar to Save the Princess

If this title appeals to you, you can play other crash games such as Aviator, Save the Hamster, Space Taxi, JetX 3, and Mines in Save the Princess online casinos with a similar gaming concept and multiplier-based payouts.

  • Aviator


    This is a popular instant win game by Spribe designed based on the crash curve mechanic, delivering a thrilling cross-platform gambling experience for desktop and mobile players. The game features a virtual aircraft with an increasing flight curve that can crash anytime. Therefore, you must cash out before the aeroplane flies away. During a round, the multiplier value starts growing from as low as 1.01x and can go indefinitely high, but there’s a maximum win amount. However, unlike Save the Princess, the Aviator game offers a live in-game chat feature that allows you to interact with other players in real time.

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  • Save the Hamster

    Save the Hamster

    Released in 2021 by Evoplay, Save the Hamster is a social multiplayer crash game whose primary objective is for the player to save Tom, a hamster who wants to fly to the stars. During gameplay, Tom is airlifted by a virtual aircraft, and as the hamster ascends, the multiplier coefficient also grows, providing an exciting experience. However, you must be aware of the various obstacles (toads, falling stones, and hungry birds) available in the game, which might cause the plane to crash, causing you to lose your bet. Participating players can receive multiplier payouts up to 1000x their bet amount.

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  • Space Taxi

    Space Taxi

    Created by Lambda Gaming, Space Taxi is a crash game that features a virtual rocket and applies the crash curve gameplay. Therefore, you must cash out before the rocket explodes. However, unlike most crash games, Space Taxi has a bonus round with exciting random multipliers that can go up to 100x, promising substantial payouts. During the bonus game, the multiplier freezes, and the rocket capsule starts to integrate. When the capsule lands on the planet, various coefficients are randomly generated and applied to all the active bets in the round.

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  • JetX 3

    JetX 3

    JetX 3 is an advanced version of the pioneer JetX crash game created by Smartsoft Gaming. The catch in this game is that it features three betting panels (one for each jet). Therefore, if you bet on all jets and one explodes, you can win with the other ships. Despite having an extra betting panel, JetX 3 adheres to the same gameplay rules, with players competing to achieve the highest multiplier value before the jet explodes. Therefore, players must cash out before it explodes, making it an ideal choice for highly intuitive players.

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  • Mines


    This is a classic minesweeper-style instant win game where the primary goal is to gather multipliers from tiles on a grid and avoid mines. Behind each tile is either a mine or a safe space. Therefore, your potential multiplier coefficient increases with every safe cell you find. However, if you get unlucky and select a cell with a mine behind it, the game round will be over, and you’ll lose your bet. Like all crash games, you can cash out your winnings anytime in Mines.

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Play Save the Princess game for free


Save the Princess is a unique crash game that lets you decide how much you want to win based on your intuition and confidence. True to its name, the game’s primary objective is for you to go on a dangerous quest filled with creatures and enemies such as dragons, goblins, vampires, and death. The catch in the Save the Princess game in Kenyan online casinos is that you must compete for the highest multiplier (x81 on the ‘Extreme’ level) while avoiding encountering a villain on your quest. Bet sizes range between Ksh10 and Ksh11,340. In this Save the Princess game review, you’ll find a brief outline of how to play the game, its rules, and various crash games that apply a similar gaming mechanic.

Save the Princess FAQ

How to play Save the Princess?

The game features straightforward gameplay rules where you must choose a random door, hoping no villains are behind it on your quest to rescue a stuck princess. However, if you find the death symbol behind your selected door, you will lose your bet and current winnings.

How much can I win in Save the Princess?

Depending on your chosen difficulty level, you can win from as low as x1.01 and as high as x81. However, the game has a maximum win limit of KES 1,000,000.

What is the minimum bet in Save the Princess?

Like all crash games, Save the Princess features minimum and maximum bet limits. In this regard, the minimum allowed bet amount is set at 10 Kenyan shillings, making it an ideal game for low-budget players.

What is Save the Princess RTP?

Aside from an exciting gambling experience and high multiplier payouts, the game features a decent RTP of 95%.

Is the Save the Princess game fair?

Yes, the game is designed based on Provably Fair technology, which allows you to verify each round's outcome, eliminating suspicions of manipulated results.