Lucky Crumbling in Kenyan Online Casinos

Lucky Crumbling in Kenyan Online Casinos

Lucky Crumbling in Kenyan online casinos is familiar to many people in real life. Even if you have never played the game before, chances are you have a clue of how it works. Lucky Crumbling was designed by Evoplay Entertainment and released in 2021. The game is categorised under the crash casino games alongside other popular titles such as Aviator, JetX, Spaceman XY, plus many more. The game follows very basic and straightforward rules: you must place a bet and watch as the stock market-like graph grows to increase the value of your bet. Like the stock market, you must cash out before the coin crashes, lest you lose your available return. The information above is just an overview of how the game works. If you are curious about the Lucky Crumbling game and want to get a few tips to help you improve your winning chances while playing it, continue reading. 

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What is a crash game?

The first crash game was developed around 2014/15, targeting the regular Bitcoin or cryptocurrency player. The concept was widely embraced by players and attracted massive betting volumes rivalling the dice-based games which dominated the crypto market.

One of the reasons why crash games were widely embraced in Kenya and other countries worldwide is their social component. Unlike other RNG-based games, you will be playing with other players simultaneously. During gameplay, you can chat with the players in the game through the chat box feature.

Additionally, all crash games follow the same concept of gameplay. You must place a bet and watch it grow once you’ve tapped the play button. The bet will increase for as long as the graph, jet, spaceman, coin, or whatever representation that appears on the graph is on the screen. If it crashes, you automatically lose the accumulated returns. So, it’s up to you when to cash out before the graph crashes.

Many players might wonder if these games are really fair. If you are such a player, you can relax and rest assured you’ll have a fair gaming experience. Crash games rely on the RNG software to determine the outcome of a game. And if you are not satisfied with the game’s outcome, you can use the provably fair feature to authenticate the results. 

Aviator game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Evoplay Entertainment
🥇 Release Date: 2021
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 96.00%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $1 – $750

Lucky Crumbling interface

  • Lucky Crumbling interface
  • Lucky Crumbling interface

About Lucky Crumbling

Lucky Crumbling is no different from most of the other crash games. It comes with a simplistic setup, neatly laid out on your screen. It is set up on an X-Y axis, and a coin is used instead of planes and spacemen, as seen in other crash games. Any other information commonly found in crash games is also available in the Lucky Crumbling game.

There is information on how other players are betting, a history of your wagering, and the highest win in Lucky Crumbling game. This part of the game is on the screen’s left side. On the right-hand side, you’ll see a “chat” section. This one lets you chat with other players currently playing the game – in real money and demo mode.

At the centre of the screen, you’ll see the graph where all the action unfolds. Information showing you the past game results is at the bottom of the playing section. You can use this to try and predict the range in which the graph will crash and consequently cash out your winnings.

Lastly, there is the “bet” section. This one lets you adjust the bet limits, pick your preferred auto-mode parameters, and cash out your winnings. Lucky Crumbling online casinos allow you to play in a demo or real money mode. You can also play the game in mobile casinos without any mobile apps needed. 

Lucky Crumbling game rules

The gameplay is straightforward; you must bet between $1 and $1000. You can decide to place one or two bets. The choice depends on your strategy. After this, you wait for the graph to start increasing in value. As the graph grows, your bet is subjected to a multiplier of between 1.0x and 1000x. It is up to you to know the perfect time to cash out the available return, but it has to be before the graph crashes.

As you play Lucky Crumbling for real money, you can win between $1 and $750,000 (or equivalent currencies) or a 1000x multiplier – whichever you reach first. But even then, you are not guaranteed to win every time because the graph can crash immediately after it starts growing. 

Lucky Crumbling statistics

There are different statistics you will encounter while playing Lucky Crumbling casino game. On the top of the screen, you will see the “Total Bet” and “Balance.” The total bet lets you know how much you’ve wagered on the game. Balance is the amount of real/demo money remaining in your account.  

On the left-hand side of the screen, there are three parameters; “All Bet,” “My Bets,” and “Top.” The first category indicates all the bets placed in the game and how players are cashing out their wins. My Bets category is where you find a history of the wagers you’ve been making. The last section shows some of the best wins scored while playing the game. If you score a big win, your name will be listed here.

The most important statistics, however, are those you find between the bet area and the x-axis. These show you how the game has paid out in the previous ten rounds. You can use this information to try and make a prediction of where the next crash will be and cash out accordingly.  

Lucky Crumbling tips

Lucky Crumbling relies heavily on Random Number Generators (RNGs) to determine where the graph will crush. For those in the dark, RNGs, as the name suggests, are constantly generating millions and millions of numbers even before you start playing the game. These millions of numbers correspond to an outcome that will only be randomly picked once you hit the “bet” button. Because of this, it becomes impossible to accurately predict the exact location on the graph where the line will crash. This, however, doesn’t mean you cannot win as you play Lucky Crumbling for real money online. You can improve your winning chances by following some of the tips below.


Hedge your bets

There are two bets you can place as you play Lucky Crumbling for real money online. A smart player will use these two to ensure they cash in big wins. How can this be done? Well, place one bet at a higher amount than the other. Once you hit the bet button, wait until you’ve achieved decent odds and cash out the first bet with a higher amount. Let the second bet with the low amount continue increasing to a significantly higher payout.

For example, you can bet $100 on the first bet and $50 on the second bet. When you sum up the two bets, the total amount spent is $150. This means when the multiplier coefficient starts increasing, you should ensure the first bet is cashed out at 1.5x the bet amount. This will give you back the money wagered. You can then use the second bet to make a profit that makes sense.


Don’t be too greedy

The quickest way to lose all your bankroll or not win any bet is by being greedy. Many people usually want to achieve the impossible every time they wager. Getting high multiplier figures of x20, x30, x100, etc., is next to impossible. It is achievable, but not with every bet you make. However, scoring small wins with multiplier coefficients of between x1.5 and x5 is quite possible. These should be your targets whenever you play Lucky Crumbling for real money.

Stake big and pick small multiplier coefficients to win more than you lose. This will help you build your bankroll. Once you have a significantly high profit, you can target the high multipliers using your second bet.


Try establishing a pattern

At the start of this section, it has been written that the results in Lucky Crumbling casino game are 100% random. But you can always try to establish a pattern while playing the game. If you closely monitor the game, once it has paid out a high multiplier coefficient, it reverts to low figures, usually below 2.0x. As a smart player, you should stay out of that and not place a bet during this time. How do you establish a pattern? By studying the past statistics on the screen. This can be found just beneath the X-axis and above the bet adjustment field.

Lucky Crumbling gameplay video

Crash games similar to Lucky Crumbling

Lucky Crumbling is an entertaining casino game loved by many players. From the previous sections, it’s clear that the gameplay is captivating and thrilling, but it can be tedious and monotonous after some time. That is why some players might want to search for something new without switching completely from the crash-based theme. If you’ve found yourself in such a scenario, you can always try playing Aviator (Spribe), High Striker (Evoplay), JetX and JetX3 (Smartsoft Gaming), or Spaceman XY (Pragmatic Play).

  • aviator


    Aviator crash game by Spribe has been described by many as a “game that charges emotions and can easily cause addiction.” True to this statement, the game is remarkably entertaining and thrilling. It uses an aeroplane theme, where you are the pilot and the centre of the action. Guide the plane to unchartered heights to receive payouts of as much as $10,000. To make the game as accessible as possible to everyone, Aviator has a bet limit of between $0.10 and $100.

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  • high striker

    High Striker

    High Striker is a product of Evoplay Entertainment, the same company behind Lucky Crumbling. The game was released in August 2019 and follows all the basic concepts of developing crash games. However, unlike your typical crash game, High Striker only supports one bet. You can wager anything between $1 and $100. At maximum bet, you can win a massive $90,000. The game has a 98% RTP. One aspect of the game, however, is that it is completely bare and plain. By this, it means it follows no theme. If you don’t mind this, you’ll enjoy playing High Striker crash game.

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  • jetx


    Many write-ups online compare JetX to a video slot game, but it’s nothing close to it. In fact, this was one of the newer generations of crash games. The game was designed in January 2019 and has become a hit among all types of players online – slot fanatics, table game enthusiasts, and more. The main reason for this is due to its simplistic gameplay and high reward potential. At its core, you have one objective: to correctly predict where the jet will crash and cash out before it does. Of course, this is not entirely possible. Otherwise, the game wouldn’t make any sense. So, the best you can do is try and cash out before the jet crashes. If you successfully manage to do this, you will win anything between $1.01 and $10,000.

    Due to the immense success of the JetX casino game, SmartSoft Gaming decided to release a sequel. JetX3, as the name suggests, has three jets instead of one. This means three available bets and three opportunities to win the game.

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  • Spaceman XY

    Spaceman XY

    Spaceman XY, as the name suggests, is a title that breaks from the traditional setup of a casino game. Instead of cards, reels, and symbols on the screen, you’ll play on an X-Y space. A spaceman takes off as soon as you place your bet and will fly to outer space. Depending on how much you’ve wagered, the bet amount will continue growing as long as the spaceman remains on the screen. This bet multiplier ranges between 1.01x and 10,000x. Getting the 10,000x multiplier is every player’s dream and wish, but achieving it isn’t easy. Therefore, you must know the most appropriate moment to cash out in order to profit from the game.

    Spaceman XY is a Pragmatic Play production. Therefore, you can expect top-quality graphics, captivating gameplay, and a well-designed game. It has an RTP of 96% and bet limits between $1 and $1000. Since it supports a dual-betting format, you can wager a maximum of $2000 per round.

Play Lucky Crumbling game for free


Lucky Crumbling game by Evoplay Entertainment is one of the several titles using the “crash games” mechanism. It is a skill-based online casino game that will appeal to millennials and the old generation of casino players alike. It is easy to play, has no complicated rules, and has potentially high rewards. The bet limits are also quite friendly compared to other crash casino games. Lucky Crumbling in Kenyan online casinos can be played in demo mode before you commit any real money. It is highly advised that you use this demo feature to familiarise yourself with all the game’s workings before spending your hard-earned cash. There are a few tips and tricks on how to win Lucky Crumbling included in this guide; ensure you use the demo mode to practice them.

Lucky Crumbling crash game FAQ

How much can I win in Lucky Crumbling?

Lucky Crumbling casino game has a maximum payout of $750,000 (or equivalent currencies) or a 1000x multiplier – whichever you reach first. To stand a chance of winning this top payout, you must wager the maximum bet amount, set at $1000 or equivalent currency.

How much can I bet?

Lucky Crumbling is unlike other crash casino games. The game offers flexible bet limits, ranging from a low of $1 to a maximum of $1000 per bet. So, if you decide to play both bets, you can spend up to a maximum of $2000 per round.

How to play Lucky Crumbling?

Playing Evoplay’s Lucky Crumbling is straightforward. You need to visit an online casino that offers the game. Open the game and place a bet within min/max limits. Wait for the graph to start growing along the X-Y axis. To profit from the game, you must cash out at the right moment before the graph crashes.

When should I click cash out?

This is an open-ended question with no suitable answer, as different people have different objectives when playing Lucky Crumbling game. Generally, the best time to click cash out is when you have reached a low multiplier (about x1.5).

Are there any helpful tips in Lucky Crumbling?

The best tip as you play Lucky Crumbling casino game is not to be greedy. You are more likely to land smaller wins of between x1.5 and x5 than higher multiplier wins above x5. Aim at the smaller wins to help you build your bankroll before you can start chasing the higher multipliers.