Rocketman Game in Kenyan Online Casinos

Rocketman Game in Kenyan Online Casinos

If you are ready to try your luck in the Rocketman game in Kenyan online casinos, you are in the right place. Actually, Kenyan online gambling sites can offer you two games with this name, so you’re doubly lucky. Arcadem launched the Rocketman crash game in 2023, and the other version is from Elbet, which launched its crash game in 2022. In both cases, African gamblers experience standard crash game mechanics of the rocket setting off and reaching higher multipliers until it crashes, which allows Kenyans to adjust the volatility level and make their own in-game decisions. There are some differences between these two titles in terms of the RTP and max win potential, so this Rocketman game review will be helpful to sort these things out and let punters choose the best real money online casinos in Kenya with the Rocketman crash game. Furthermore, you’ll access crash game strategies for Rocketman and some more working tips.

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What is a crash game?

Though Arcadem has different software types in its library, the vendor added a crash game to its catalogue in 2023 since this model has been revolutionising the African iGaming market for several years. The concept is quite simple yet isn’t similar to standard slot machines or table games gamblers are used to playing. 

First of all, Kenyan gamblers won’t find traditional elements like slot reels or paylines, and secondly, it’s up to a player to decide when to leave the game and cash out unless it crashes beforehand. This approach is really reshaping the online casino market and is especially popular among gamblers using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for gambling. The Rocketman game is exactly this type, so you can expect the rocket to fly up and collect multipliers on its way.

About Rocketman game

Since there are two providers of the Rocketman casino game, we’ll describe both and compare them. Arcadem’s Rocketman is a new crash game of 2023 with an opportunity to place up to three bets per round worth $1 to $25 each. The max win comes up to 2000x, which is a bit lower than the market average, but the 96.28% RTP sounds good. 

Elbet’s version has a higher RTP of 97.5%, a bet range worth $0.5 to $100, and a huge potential of up to 20,000x, but you won’t have multiple betting options in this case.

Rocketman game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Arcadem, Elbet
🥇 Release Date: 2022 – 2023
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 95.5% – 95.84%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

Rocketman interface

  • Rocketman interface
  • Rocketman interface

Rocketman game rules

As a quite standard online casino crash game, Rocketman has straightforward mechanics where Kenyans rely on a matter of luck yet have enough space for their own decisions during the game. This approach is great for building a working strategy, especially when discussing the Arcadem’s version with up to three betting options per round. To play Rocketman for real money, online casino players in Kenya should consider these rules and navigation aspects.

  • Basic gameplay

    Both Arcadem and Elbet made their crash games straightforward, so it will take up to a few minutes to get started. That’s why such titles are also called instant win games. In both cases, the Rocketman casino game has icons for regulating the bet amount and an auto cashout widget. When you’ve placed a bet, you wait for the rocket to set off; in Elbet’s game, this happens automatically, unlike slot machines where you push the start button for each new round. However, Arcadem has somewhat different rules, so you have to press ‘Start’ to begin. As soon as the rocket is in the sky, it’s up to you to decide when to cash out, but be careful since it can crash before you do this, and the bet is lost in this case.

  • Other gameplay elements

    Basic navigation elements are quite plain, and you don’t need much to start playing. Additionally, Rocketman has widgets for statistics, menu, and other gameplay elements. In both Elbet’s and Arcadem’s versions, you’ll find the icon to open rules on the right. This section gives more information about the game, including its max win potential, RTP, and other aspects. 

    Plus, Elbet displays bet statistics on the left, where you can see the user’s name, stake, coefficient, and the winning amount, and the game’s footer shows recent multipliers. There are several colours highlighting the lowest (blue), medium (green), large (yellow), and massive (green) multipliers, which is extremely helpful in understanding average statistics.

  • Auto cashout

    This option is suitable to automate the gameplay. You need to activate the auto cash-out feature and choose the multiplier, which will serve as a signal to cash out. This means that your round will end at this level, and you will receive a corresponding winning, but this works only when the rocket reaches that height, and if it crashes before, you lose the bet. Conveniently, Rocketman game online casinos with Arcadem allow Kenyans to place up to three different bets, so you can experiment with the auto cashout amounts.

  • Bonus programs

    Coming ahead, we should note that all promotion campaigns and other bonuses of this kind are optional and can be arranged by your online casino in Kenya. The Elbet provider has a range of promotion tools to keep players engaged, but it’s up to the casino to apply them. The Elbet’s Rocketman game can have promo credits, free bets, and jackpots, including Rocketpot and Boosterpot variations. You can check the bonus program of your Kenyan online casino to see whether it offers bonuses for the Rocketman game.

How to play Rocketman in Kenya

After reading this Rocketman game review, players can choose one of the best Kenyan online casinos operating in the country and offering decent conditions for making payments in Kenyan shillings or cryptocurrencies. Once registered, you can deposit and follow this guide to learn how to play the Rocketman crash game in Kenya:


Select your bet per round

Determine the amount you are ready to bet per round via ‘+’ and ‘-’. The limits are $1 to $25 for Arcadem and $0.5 to $100 for Elbet providers.


Wait for the game to start

In the case of Arcadem’s Rocketman crash game, you need to push the ‘Start’ button yourself, and Elbet’s game offers an automatic start.


Apply additional features

Optionally, Kenyans can activate auto cash out to have a long gaming session with similar payout parameters. You can modify this setting at any time.


Track statistics for strategies

Statistics displayed on the screen are helpful in understanding the game. Additionally, you can save information about winning multipliers yourself for further strategies.


Withdraw winnings

When your game is over, according to your bankroll management or gaming session responsible gambling limits, withdraw real money via a suitable payment option, e.g. M-Pesa.

Mobile Rocketman casino game

Kenyans can play Rocketman for real money on multiple devices, be it a desktop or any mobile gadget. It doesn’t matter whether you use iOS or Android smartphones since both Arcadem and Elbet make sure to develop HTML5-powered software compatible with lots of smartphones and tablets.

About Elbet and Arcadem providers

The Rocketman crash game at Kenyan online casinos is represented by both Arcadem and Elbet, so you can learn more about each of these brands. Elbet was launched in Serbia in 2002 with a focus on software development for the gambling industry. Today, its offices are in Serbia, Bucharest, Uganda, and other countries. Its library features virtual sports solutions and some lottery games, so Rocketman is the first crash game of this kind.

Arcadem is a rather new software provider established in 2020 and headquartered in Malta. Its goal was to create never-before-seen games, so the plots and mechanics are quite unusual, but the brand has mainly slots, and Rocketman is an exception rather than the provider’s typical game.

Rocketman strategies and tricks

Online casino games, even the top ones, all work according to the RTP determined by the developer, and the RNG determines random outcomes of each round, so it’s impossible to predict results or influence them. With this in mind, Kenyans can avoid questionable ‘winning schemes’ that don’t work, and fully focus on strategies based on game knowledge. Here, we’ll list a few Rocketman crash game strategies that Kenyan gamblers can try out:

  • Low-risk Rocketman crash strategy

    The main idea is to play carefully and cash out as soon as possible. Try to get your money when the rocket is at about 1.1x to 1.5x. The strong side of this method is that you minimise risks, but if the rocket crashes, it’s hard to make up for this loss with such low wins.

  • Medium-risk Rocketman crash strategy

    This strategy will suit African players with a quite good bankroll in KES or cryptocurrencies and the willingness to hunt for larger multipliers. You can focus on multipliers of 1.5x to 3x and bets of up to 20% of your bankroll.

  • High-risk Rocketman crash strategy

    Here, your bet can be 20% to 40% of your bankroll, while the multipliers you’ll try to get are 3x to 10x. Even when you lose a round, winning even 3x the bet can compensate for that, but it’s not guaranteed that you win.

  • High-roller Rocketman crash strategy

    If you are a high roller, you may focus on bets of over 40% of your bankroll, and your goal is to catch multipliers of over 10x. Please note that you need to be especially careful with large bets and always play responsibly.

Other Rocketman crash game tricks

In addition to the strategies which recommend you bet and potential multiplier amounts, you can benefit from some more tips to play the Rocketman crash casino game in Kenya:

  • Use auto cash out when you want to have more than ten gaming sessions
  • Set different multiplier limits in the Arcadem’s version, which offers up to three bets per round
  • Check statistics of the previous games, but keep in mind that patterns don’t work in gambling, and each outcome can be very different
  • Get promo credits and free bets when your Kenyan casino online offers them (the Elbet provider offers such promotion tools)

Games similar to Rocketman

Rocketman game online casinos in Kenya are rich in other games as well, and a large part of their libraries are other crash games. Considering the latest reviews of players, it’s a new trend in the African iGaming market, so we’ll overview several other popular crash games to play on Kenyan online gambling sites.

  • Aviator


    Aviator by Spribe is one of the most trendy crash games in Kenyan online casinos since it’s been around since 2019. At first glance, it’s a simple instant-win game where the plane sets off to reach high multipliers. African players can place two bets per round, access advanced tools to track statistics, and get special bonuses within the Rain Promo.

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  • JetX


    Smartsoft Gaming launched JetX in 2021. This crash game for Kenyan online casinos is quite unusual since you have not one but three rockets setting off at the same time. You don’t have to bet on all of them if it’s against your strategy, though high rollers will find this option suitable. Its 97% RTP also looks good, though the 2000x max win could be higher.

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  • Aviatrix


    The Aviatrix crash game is pretty new since it was launched in 2022. Unlike other games here, it’s the only product of the self-titled company. Things Kenyans will enjoy here are the large 10,000x max win and two betting options per round. Furthermore, the game has a range of tools to create an NFT product, get a unique plane design, and earn in-game XPs.

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  • Cricket X

    Cricket X

    Cricket X is another crash online casino game for Kenyans launched by Smartsoft Gaming in 2022. The game’s design features Attractive cheerleaders and the golfer who hits the ball when the game begins. Since the max win here is as large as 25,000x, it’s a record breaker for high rollers and players who want to reach the highest amounts.

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  • Zeppelin


    Here’s another crash game which is very similar to Aviator in terms of the interface and other options. Instead of planes or rockets, you see a zeppelin flying up and collecting multipliers. Conveniently, you can place up to two bets per round and set auto cash-out settings if you plan to have a long gaming session.

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  • Save the Princess

    Save the Princess

    The Turbo Games team was inspired by the Super Mario title since the Save the Princess crash game has very similar visual elements. The game was launched in 2022. It boasts non-typical mechanics where the knight tries to reach the princess and avoid obstacles like goblins, dragons, and vampires, and details like armour and garlic can help with this.

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Play Rocketman game for free


Kenyans are certain to enjoy the Rocketman casino crash game since it has all the elements gamblers adore in instant win software. You can have your own approach for making cashouts at a certain multiplier, which provides for good strategy development. Moreover, Arcadem offers up to three bets per round, while Elbet provides lots of statistical details. And finally, the 20,000x max win of the crash Rocketman game from Elbet is really jaw-dropping. Plus, Elbet can offer in-game bonuses like free bets from time to time. These features all speak for the game’s good potential, so you are welcome to try out the Rocketman game in Kenyan online casinos. 

Rocketman FAQ

How to play Rocketman?

It’s a quite simple crash game where you place a bet, watch the rocket setting off at the beginning of the round, and try to cash out at a certain multiplier before it crashes.

How much can I win in Rocketman?

The Arcadem’s Rocketman game has a 2000x max win potential, and Elbet offers a much larger winning potential of up to 20,000x.

What is the minimum bet in Rocketman?

In the Arcadem’s Rocketman crash game, you can bet as low as $1, and the Elbet provider offers a minimum of $0.5 (or the KES equivalent).

What is the Rocketman RTP?

Both providers offer a great RTP rate. It’s 96.28% from Arcadem and 97.5% from Elbet, so the house edge is less than 3% in both cases.

Is Rocketman fair?

The Rocketman crash game is based on an independently verified and certified provably fair system, so Kenyans can track the results to check their fairness and trust the outcomes.