Crash Games in Kenyan Online Casinos

Crash Games in Kenyan Online Casinos

Crash games are a pretty new invention in the online casino realm in Kenya. They differ dramatically from other kinds of online casino games but still have one common feature: the potential to win thousands of times the initial bet. Research shows that a bulk of Kenyan players give preference to crash games due to their simplicity, low traffic consumption, and alluring format that opens up the way for intuition. Most crash casino games have minimalistic graphics with few special effects. Their rules are intuitive—if you have ever tried whichever crash game, you will easily get to grips with any other. Though seemingly straightforward, the best crash games allow for employing smart tricks to leverage the 95–97% RTP, which is typical of most titles of this kind. Aviator is perhaps the trendiest and most popular of all, though Comet Crash, Rocketman, and a few other crash games are also a great choice.  

Best Casinos to Play Crash Games APRIL 2024

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5BetwinnerBetwinner ReviewKES 15,000 on your first four deposits!
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What is a crash game?

This is an unusual type of casino game revolving around increasing multipliers. A crash game is named so because of its concept: There is an object (aeroplane, rocket, coin, etc.) that starts moving at the beginning of a round. The object has an attached multiplier that counts up from a starting point (usually 1.00x with a few exceptions) until the round ends suddenly and the object “crashes”, hence the game category name.

Players who want to take part in a game must make a bet within a set timeframe (usually about five to ten seconds). This initial bet will serve as a basis for calculating the ultimate win in that round. If the player manages to tap the cashout button while the multiplier is still going up, the resulting win will equal the bet x the multiplier at which the player cashed out, e.g. suppose the player bets Ksh100 and withdraws at x3, in which case they win Ksh300 (incl. the bet). This principle is put in place in most crash games.    

Key features of crash games

It does not matter whether you play a crypto crash game or bet a fiat currency; they work the same way. On the screen, you can see the main window where the action unfolds. A user interface with betting options is usually located at the bottom. Here, you can find a cashout button (it can be tagged as Cash Out or have another similar wording) and a few bet options. For example, in Aviator, you will see a small bet selection panel with + and – buttons for tweaking a bet within the given range (normally Ksh10 to Ksh10,000). The statistics area is to the left in Aviator; however, its position is not a dogma and may vary across crash games. Below are other features and elements you can see in many crash gambling games.

  • Automatic bet option

    Most crash games have an automatic bet feature. If the player activates it, the game will place a bet automatically for a set number of rounds. This is a useful option as it obviates the necessity to be on the watch for the beginning of every new round. To use this feature, a player is asked to choose the number of automatic rounds, for example, 10 to 100 in Aviator. Moreover, airplane crash games normally offer a few Stop conditions that act as triggers for discontinuing the automatic rounds, e.g. the player can dictate the game to stop when the total wins increase or decrease by Ksh1000 or any other amount.   

  • Automatic cashout in crash games

    This is also a helpful tool, available in almost every crash game. Its logic is to replace the player in cashing out at an exact multiplier. The matter is that multipliers grow so fast that it is almost impossible to tap a button to draw the initial bet at a particular point, e.g., at 2.00x. Setting an automatic cashout, a player can command the game to cash out at a specific multiplier. This feature is extremely useful in many situations, especially when the player wants to try out some tricks or betting patterns. Aviator and some other crash games allow setting as low as 1.01x for automatic cashout, while others have a wider gap between the starting and cashout point. Players are strongly encouraged to be mindful of this handy option.

  • Statistics in crash games

    Some crash game casino players want to be aware of the results of the last rounds with the purpose of making smarter decisions about when to cash out. Crash games are unpredictable because the hit multipliers are randomly generated, with no system. However, some players try to spot a pattern behind the sequence of multipliers generated by the crash game. Aviator shows about 60 last results, while the stats line in Aviatrix highlights about 20 multipliers. Seeing the recent history can help you adjust your betting intention; for example, if you see there were two 1.00x recently, high chances are there will not be another x1.00x in the nearest rounds—but this is not a sure thing.

  • Single and dual betting in crash games

    Some crash games have a single betting option. This means a player may place only one bet amount per round. Most games are equipped with two bet UIs that copycat one another. Playing with two bets active simultaneously, you can bet twice as much and, therefore, win more than usual. For example, Aviator has a $100 bet limit, but with the double bet option, you can play with $200. Similarly, the max win is limited to $10,000, but with two bets—you can grab $20,000. Anyway, this exciting feature opens up prospects for testing different strategies, so you should not ignore it in all crash games. 

Potential winnings in crash games

Bitcoin crash games and other types of crash games usually put a soft pedal on the maximum winnings and/or multipliers. Let’s take Aviator as an example: its highest win is restricted to $10,000 in accordance with the rules. On the other hand, the max multiplier has no limits. Experience shows it can go over 1.5x million, but this does not mean you can grab millions of dollars. In another game, Cricket X from Smartsoft Gaming, the biggest cash prize is the same, $10,000, but the multiplier is limited to x25,000.

It is safe to say that most crash games you can find in Kenya put some limits on the player’s wins. If you want some massive wins, consider playing Aviatrix for real money since it has a multiplier cap at x10,000 but no limits on the monetary amount up for grabs. Given its max bet of $10, the potential loot can reach an astounding $100,000 per bet. Read the short reviews below to find out more.

Most popular crash games

Kenyan players can enjoy more than 20 crash games in online casinos. All crash games ranked high by third-party experts have high payouts; however, in terms of graphics, some games are plain and unimposing. On the other hand, poor graphics are not a predicament for many players because this is the way crash games work. Many crash games are visited by hundreds of players at a time, which is displayed on special counters inside the game. Read short descriptions of the most popular and trendiest crash games in Kenyan online casinos. 

  • Aviator


    Created by Spribe a few years ago, Aviator has become players’ favourite in Kenya and beyond. Despite its minimalistic design, the game boasts balanced mechanics and the basic gameplay typical of most crash games. Its bet sizes range between $0.1 and $100 (in KES equivalent), while top multipliers go over a million X. Players can apply their strategic thinking thanks to a double-bet option and a helpful Auto Cashout feature.

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  • AviatriX


    One of the most popular Bitcoin crash games, Aviatrix is the only game where the player can change skins for the airplane that soars up the sky and earns multipliers. The game has a 97% return and a maximum multiplier of 10,000x. This game also has a unique loyalty program that awards regular players with cashback, bonus coins, and other exciting prizes. Moreover, you can take part in a tournament run by the game provider.

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  • Comet Crash

    Comet Crash

    Comet Crash from JetGames follows the same crash game concept as other titles of this kind. It has simplistic graphics, a double-bet option, and an autobet feature. What sets it apart is a quite low maximum win, set at Ksh 300,000 and a unique Trends feature which acts as a statistical tool. Using that feature, you can see the latest wins displayed with colour coding. The minimum bet here is Ksh10.

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  • Crash X

    Crash X

    This title from Turbo Games has an interesting gamification twist: A primitive ranking system based on the number of rounds played: Crewman (50 flights), Moon Walker (100 flights), and so on. The game has an unusual personal stats panel showing the average multiplier hit by the player. While the limit lies in the standard $0.10–$100 range, the maximum win is limited to $10k. Interestingly, Crash X shows a current ping value and recommends not to play if the ping is more than 5000 ms.

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  • Cricket X

    Cricket X

    Crash games gambling would be dull without Cricket X, a game that stands out with its sporting theme. This is a pretty new release (2022), but its unusual approach to the crash game concept won the hearts of Kenyan players. Here, instead of an aeroplane, rocket or comet, you will see a cricket ball flying high after being hit by the player. The max multiplier value has a 25,000x limit, while the cash limit is $10,000. 

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  • Football X

    Football X

    This is another sports-inspired crash game ranked high with Kenyan players. Interestingly, it has a max multiplier of 100x, which is pretty low compared to other crash game titles. The gameplay differs dramatically from what you might get used to: Instead of a flying rocket or plane, there are football players bouncing the ball to each other, during which the multiplier goes up. Once the ball drops on the ground, the round ends. The highest bet in Football X is Ksh15,000. 

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  • High Striker

    High Striker

    This crash game by Evoplay features only a curve and a plain, bog-standard design that fails to impress. The game is no-frills in all respects: it has a single-bet format and a simple Auto feature with a few basic options. However, its key highlight is a huge win limit, which is set at $100,000. The potential RTP is also higher than in other games, at 98%, which is excellent. Bet sizes are also uncommon because the min $1 bet is a bit high for casual players.

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  • JetX


    JetX (Smartsoft Gaming) is an airplane-based crash game, much like Aviator. It has the same minimum bet and 97% RTP, but the highest multiplier in JetX cannot get over 25,000x. What’s more, the game features a unique Galaxy Jackpot that you can win if you bet at least $1. The game has a sequel, JetX 3, in which you get to bet on three jet planes at a time, which increases the maximum wager size to $900 in total. 

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  • Lucky Crumbling

    Lucky Crumbling

    A simple but lucrative crypto crash game, Lucky Crumbling combines simplicity and high potential winnings ($750,000 at max). Its top bet amount will be attractive for high rollers as it reaches $1000, which, coupled with a dual-betting option, makes it twice as high. The Auto Bet feature and stats make the game more interesting for players, while the 96% return is considered a good value for a crash game. 

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  • Mines


    Mines is not a typical crash game. What’s more, it can hardly be called a crash game as it lacks the standard increasing multiplier accompanying an aeroplane, curve, spaceman or other object. However, it is still widely present in the best crash game casinos. In Mines, your task is to pick the tiles that hide a multiplier or a mine that ends the round. The version from Spribe has a Rain Promo feature, adding free bets to the chat. You can also pick Mines from Turbo Games.

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  • Rocketman


    Research shows this is one of the best crash games in Kenya, much due to its perfect compatibility with mobile platforms and a high multiplier soaring up to 20,000x. Players can set Auto Cashout and Auto Bet. Besides, they can make two bets at a time. Rocketman, created by Elbet, accepts the minimum bet of 50 cents, which is quite high compared to other crash games. Still, its 97.5% RTP is well above average. 

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  • Rocketon


    This is perhaps the best crash game in terms of graphic design. The Discovery space shuttle lifts off from the KSC in Florida for deep space travel. The short HD video at the beginning of a round looks fantastic and innovative! As for the crash game features, it has a Half Cashout button, enabling you to get half of your winnings and continue playing with the rest of the money. A flexible bonus system with free bets is attached.  

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  • Save the Hamster

    Save the Hamster

    Players from Kenya love this adorable game in which a cute hamster uses different devices and animal mates to escape from the trap. The crash game has a lovely design and looks like an animated cartoon. With an RTP of 96.04%, it features the $80,000 max cash win up for grabs. There’s an Autoplay feature with 10 to 100 automatic rounds, as well as a double-bet option for forward-thinking players. 

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  • Save the Princess

    Save the Princess

    This is a stunning mix of an arcade and crash game that looks like a pixelated game from the nineties. The game has seven levels, and your task is to save the princess, guarded by dragons and goblins. Here, you can choose a game level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme) which affects the multipliers on your way, with the highest being x81. The bet range is $0.1 to $100. Save the Princess stands out from all crash games. This is a must-play for all fans of this genre.

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  • Space Taxi

    Space Taxi

    Space Taxi from Lambda Gaming is a rocket-themed crash game that has an exciting twist to the standard crash mechanics. In some rounds, the rocket can land on a planet and bring a bonus payout of 2x to 100x applied as a multiplier to the round outcome. A bet size of $0.10–$100 is common for crash games, and so is the double-betting feature.  

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  • Spaceman


    Pragmatic Play majors in video slots, online table games, and live games, so seeing Spaceman in the collection is somewhat weird. This is a typical crash game with eye-catching graphics and an astronaut taking the central stage. The provider used a few unique features not found in other crash games in Kenya, e.g. there is a detailed stats block showing the percentage breakdown of multiplier values over 50 to 500 rounds. 

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  • Zeppelin


    BetSolutions made the game design similar to Aviator: Both have a nearly identical active screen with a flying object (an aeroplane and a zeppelin), the same fonts, UI elements, and so on. Players can place two bets at a time, use two automatic features (bet, cashout), and watch the history of the last rounds. The size of winnings is limited to $30,000. The min bet is 50 cents, but the max can vary across online casinos. 

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Сrash casino games have emerged as a captivating and high-energy category within the realm of online gambling in Kenya. These games are celebrated for their straightforward yet suspenseful nature, providing players with a thrilling and fast-paced gaming experience. The allure lies in the rising multipliers and the hope of successfully cashing out at the optimal moment. Not all crash games follow the typical crash curve concept. Some of them (Save the Princess, Mines) have unique mechanics for even more fun and entertainment.

Crash game winnings in Kenyan online casinos are potentially lucrative, e.g. Aviator has the $10,000 max, while Lucky Crumbling offers an awesome $750,000. An average player’s return is also very good, at about 95% to 97% in most games of this kind. Bet sizes are ideal for Kenyan players since the minimum acceptable wager is about Ksh10 or a bit higher. To summarise, crash game online casinos in Kenya offer a superb gambling experience with more than 20 crash games on offer.  

Crash game FAQ

What is a crash game?

A crash game is a type of online casino game where players bet on the outcome of a multiplier that increases over time. The objective is to cash out your bet before the multiplier "crashes," and if you do so successfully, you win a multiple of your initial bet. If you fail to cash out in time, you lose your bet.

How does a crash game work?

In a crash game, there is a multiplier that starts at 1x (or other value in some games) and increases gradually. Players have the option to cash out at any time before the multiplier crashes. The crash point is determined randomly by the game's algorithm.

What is an average RTP in crash games?

The average RTP in crash games typically ranges between 95% to 98%, depending on the specific game and platform.

How much can I win in crash games?

Your potential winnings in crash games depend on the multiplier you successfully cash out at. The higher the multiplier at the time of your cash out, the larger your winnings will be. Most crash games usually fix the maximum amount you can win, e.g. $10,000 for Aviator.

What are the most popular crash games in Kenya?

Kenyan players like Aviator, Aviatrix, Rocketman, Mines, Lucky Crumbling, and 10+ other crash games offered in Kenyan online casinos.

Are crash games fair?

All crash games reviewed on this site are fair. Moreover, all games made by reputable providers are also fair.

What strategies can I use to win in crash games?

Crash games are primarily luck-based, and there is no foolproof strategy that guarantees winning. However, you can try betting different amounts in a double-bet mode and cashing out at very low multipliers (1.01x to 1.05x).