Crash X Game in Kenyan Online Casinos

Crash X Game in Kenyan Online Casinos

The iGaming industry is one such landscape with high competition in terms of service offerings by operators and software providers. The industry has proven over the years that online casinos attract and retain players according to the quality of games on offer, among other factors. This is why fans of instant-win titles are usually interested in reliable casinos with lots of crash games. To this extent, titles like the Crash X game in Kenyan online casinos have continued to make waves among players. Not only are crash games fast, but they also have an engrossing action that can be learned without spending too much time.

Notably, the Crash X game comes with personal gameplay statistics and ping time, which can help you make informed decisions. The title also has wonderful max multiplier limits and solid real-money payouts. With the availability of the auto bet and auto cashout mechanics, you’ll have an excellent time playing Crash X. Since the game’s quite popular with Kenyans, there are many Crash X game online casinos. Our Crash X game review covers all you need to know.

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What is a crash game?

Crash games are instant-win social multiplayer titles where a lot of people from various countries and regions can play at the same time. Unlike some typical casino titles, these games cut down on the difficulty of learning and mastering game rules. Crash games were first launched at cryptocurrency casinos, but today they are everywhere. 

Many of these games have the Provably Fair mechanism, which enables players to check game round fairness and transparency on the blockchain. Random number generators (RNG) determine how these games pay out and the multiplier limit on every round.

All crash games have a game panel where a known object (plane, line, ball, car, etc.) swings up after all bets are placed. During the upswing, a multiplier increases on the screen. As the object shoots up, a cash-out button shows up, which enables you to get hold of a multiplier. However, the object and multiplier can suddenly terminate, which is called a crash. If you cashed out before a crash, the system multiplies your bet by the multiplier on the screen.

Crash X game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Turbo Games
🥇 Release Date: March 2021
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

Crash X interface

  • Crash X interface
  • Crash X interface

About Crash X game

Turbo Games is an innovative casino software developer focused on creating compelling titles, mostly blockchain-based games. Crash X is one of the numerous titles from Turbo Games. Released in 2021, the Crash X game is one of the most-played multiplayer titles in Kenya. 

The game has a rocket theme, with a black and dark blue background and stars in the sky, depicting the rocket flying across the sky. The round opens and allows you to bet. After wagering, the rocket takes off and begins to fly across the game panel while a multiplier also begins to rise. The rocket can stop flying at any point, ending the round.

The Crash X casino game screen has buttons and controls that will help you explore your sessions better. These include Bet, -/+, Autoplay (with its settings), Cash Out, Auto Cash Out, and animation, among others. The profile icon on the screen has your personal gameplay statistics, such as your number of flights (rounds), maximum multiplier, round duration, and average multiplier.  

With respect to general statistics, you’ll find recent successful multipliers in green, blue, and yellow colours. These stats could help you decide your average multiplier if you wish to play with Auto Cash out.

Crash X also has a ping time feature, which shows the delay between game servers and your device. The game provider suggests that players can go for auto cashout if the ping is higher than 2000 ms. However, if the ping is higher than 5000 ms, you shouldn’t play the game. The ping time is displayed in the lower right corner of your screen.        

Crash X game rules

If you want to play Crash X for real money, you must know how it works. This game doesn’t require so much time to understand the rules, but it’s still essential to learn them. Like most other casino games, the rules of Crash X are embedded in the game. Simply click/tap the settings button after opening the game and select “Rules”.

The Crash X online game has an RTP range of 96% to 97%, which is in line with the standard RTP for crash games. With regard to multipliers, the minimum is 1.01x, and the maximum is 999,999.99x. In terms of payouts, the highest is 1,487,750 shillings ($10,000) per round.    

This game allows you to play single or double manual bets per round. Meanwhile, you can also use the autoplay feature to wager many single or double bets automatically. Upon the system accepting your wager on a particular round, the flight takes off across the black and dark blue sky, and the multiplier starts rising gradually. There’s the cashout button that appears on the bet panel once the flight takes off. You must tap that cashout icon once your preferred multiplier is displayed. You may opt for the auto cashout option and set up the limits if you want the system to cash out for you.       

How to play Crash X game

Crash X has a simple gameplay that requires a few easy steps to get you started with any bet limit. This section breaks down the steps, so all you need to do is study the rules and ascend the skies of Crash X.


Deposit real money into your account

Even though Crash X has a free game mode, you can’t win real money if you don’t deposit actual funds. Thus, you can deposit in dollars, shillings or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, and Binance Coin, among others. Once that is done, visit the lobby and open Crash X.


Place bets accordingly

Once the game opens, adjust the -/+ buttons or manually input the amount you want to play with. Acceptable wagers are between 15 shillings ($0.1) and 14,878 shillings ($100). Just hit the Place bet button after selecting/entering the amount, and the system will receive your wager.          


Flight takes off

Even after placing your bet, the game takes a few seconds before the flight takes off. Upon taking off and ascending the sky, a multiplier appears on the game panel and begins to rise slowly.


Cash out your preferred multiplier

The bet panel changes to ‘Cash out’ immediately after the rocket begins to move. The multiplier shown on the screen is from 1.01x to as high as 999,999.99x. Although the multiplier doesn’t increase so fast, it can get to your preferred value. If you have any such value in mind, you must press the cash-out button if it’s displayed.


Place a new wager

After the rocket terminates, the multiplier you cashed out is automatically credited to your balance, and a new round begins. You have some seconds to place a new bet and play in the next round. You can re-bet the same amount or place a higher or lesser amount.   

Crash X casino game strategies and tips

Crash games may be easy to learn and play, but the chances of losing are also there. If you plan to play Crash X for real money, you must work out a strategy. Nothing guarantees winning at any casino game, let alone crash games. But, some strategies and tips can help enhance your overall experience. This part of our Crash X game review sheds light on such strategies, tips, and tricks.

  • Join a trusted online casino

    With many Crash X game online casinos in Kenya, it’s easy to join a bad site. To prevent that from happening, we have done extensive research and come up with a list of the best Crash X casinos. Thus, all the sites on this page are legit, so you should play on any of them.

  • Learn the game first

    Like other multiplayer casino games, the Crash X casino game has a demo version, which allows you to play countless rounds for free. This means you have the liberty to place free bets, set auto bets, cash out multipliers, and also set auto cashout (no profit upon cash out). You’ll also get an idea of how often the game crashes, average multiplier wins, and so on.

  • Start with affordable bets

    One obvious fact about crash games is that the multiplier can terminate at anytime. For Crash X, the multiplier can crash immediately at 1.00x. The game is also super-fast, as a round can sometimes last a couple of seconds. The implication is that it’s best to begin the action with amounts you can afford, and quite plainly, that should be small amounts. You can then increase it gradually as you play and make some wins.

  • Leverage auto bets and auto cashout

    You can bet manually if you’re playing just one bet. However, if you’re placing two bets across successive rounds, the auto bet is essential. Similarly, you should always initiate auto cashout whether you play one round or numerous rounds. The reason for this is that, as we stated above, this game is fast. So, you may not always be fast enough to hit the cash-out button before it crashes.

  • Small cashouts are better

    When playing, you’ll see recent successful multipliers, which gives you a clue of what to expect reasonably. Smaller multipliers are more frequent in the Crash X game. As such, we advise that you set your auto cashout to lower multipliers in the region of 1.5x to 2x, 3x or 3.5x. This is because the game is very likely to crash before getting to high multipliers.       

Games similar to Crash X 

Although a lot of Kenyans have great fun playing Crash X, there are many other multiplayer titles enjoying significant following. Some of the very popular titles include Aviator, Rocketon, Save the Princess, Aviatrix, and Save the Hamster. These games have various features, bet setups, themes, volatility, multiplier levels, RTP, and audiovisuals, among others. Ordinarily, most Crash X online casinos have these games, so you can easily access them. We explore them briefly in this section.      

  • Aviator


    Aviator comes from Spribe. Aviator is one of the foremost crash game hits with players in crypto casinos and regular gaming sites. The game was released in 2019 and has remained a top title since then. Aviator accepts bets of 15 shillings ($0.1) to 14,878 shillings ($100) per round. It has a jet theme, where a jet flies on the game panel with a corresponding multiplier on the screen. The game has two bet options, as well as manual and automatic bet and cashout options.

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  • Rocketon


    Rocketon was released in 2020 as one of the crash games from Galaxsys. With a jet theme at the centre, Rocketon comes with great designs and a soundtrack that altogether immerses players into the gameplay. The bet limits per round are from 75 shillings ($0.5) to 14,878 shillings ($100). The game has two bet options, so you can wager according to your budget and strategy. The RTP is 97%, which is good—while auto bet and auto cashout are also available.

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  • Save the Princess

    Save the Princess

    Save the Princess is a Turbo Games title that was released in 2022. The game has an adventure theme where you’re required to complete 7 levels before getting to meet the princess. There are obstacles on your way, and you must overcome them all to claim multipliers but avoid getting killed by enemies. Nonetheless, you can always cash out before getting to the princess. With a 95% RTP, bet limits are between 15 shillings ($0.1) and 14,878 shillings ($100). The maximum cash win at Save the Princess is 1,487,750 shillings ($10,000).  

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  • Aviatrix


    Aviatrix is one of the most colourfully designed social multiplayer titles in Crash X game online casinos. The game is played with 15 shillings ($0.1) up to 44,630 shillings ($300) per round. The strong suit of Aviatrix is that it allows players to customise their planes with their desired colour, shape, and name. This creates a personalised experience as you explore the plane-themed game. At the time of this review, Aviatrix players can participate in a unique tournament that promises great daily prizes to lucky players.      

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  • Save the Hamster

    Save the Hamster

    Save the Hamster is a 2021 release from the stable of Evoplay Entertainment. The game has an animal theme. Tom the Hamster sets out to fly across the sky, but a few other animals and objects can stand in his way. Your goal is to get something out of the flight before Tom is stopped along the way. Each round accepts bet limits ranging from 15 shillings ($0.1) to 743,900 shillings ($5000). These limits are far above what you get in similar titles. The RTP is pegged at 96.04%, while auto cash is limited to 999x. Further, the maximum real money win at Save the Hamster is 11,902,000 shillings ($80,000). 

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Play Crash X game for free


This Crash X game review has covered all you need to get started with the game. Crash X has acceptable wager limits, making it possible for players with various budgets to play. With awesome graphics and gripping animations, Crash X is compatible with mobile and desktop devices. The game has two bet options, but you can always fly with one bet based on your budget and play style. In addition, the RTP, maximum multiplier limits, and payout potentials are all favourable. While playing Crash X, you can make use of the auto features and have fun. We have made a list of the leading casinos offering this game. Consequently, you can always play the Crash X game in Kenyan online casinos with ease.  

Crash X FAQ

How to play Crash X?

You need to sign up at a trustworthy Crash X game online casino, then deposit real money into your account and open the game. Then select or enter the amount you want to play per round and press the Place bet icon on the screen. As soon as the flight begins, the cashout button becomes available—just tap it to obtain your multiplier of choice.

How much can I win in Crash X?

The minimum multiplier you can win per round is 1.01x, while the maximum is 999,999x. Meanwhile, the highest real money win is 1,487,750 shillings ($10,000).

What are the min and max bets in Crash X?

On every game round, you can wager between 15 shillings ($0.1) and 14,878 shillings ($100). These wager limits are typical among many crash games, especially those from Turbo Games.

What is the RTP of Crash X?

Crash X has an RTP range of 96% to 97%, and this is acceptable for crash games.

Is Crash X game fair?

Yes. Turbo Games is famed for developing crash games with the Provably Fair mechanism. Although we couldn’t find this technology implemented in Crash X, the game runs on an RNG to determine the results of each round.