Monopoly Live in Kenyan Online Casinos

Monopoly Live in Kenyan Online Casinos

Online slot games may have all the eye-catching graphics and animations, but the recent live dealer games are becoming more exciting and fun. With Evolution’s Monopoly Live in Kenyan online casinos, you can recreate your childhood while still winning big. Created in collaboration with Hasbro, Monopoly Live is a unique live online game show based on the world’s most popular Monopoly board game. Being a special edition of Evolution’s renowned Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live blends the hype and tension of the money wheel game and introduces extra unique game elements.

It’s yet another exciting title from Evolution, merging live game operation and virtual reality to reshape live casino gaming and give players a chance to hit enormous cash prizes and multiplier wins. Monopoly Live features a giant wheel with 54 segments. You can take advantage of the additional features provided in the game if you bet on the 2 and 4 rolls bonus segments. This review will provide extensive information on Monopoly rules, the game’s UI, bonus rounds, and a list of the top 10 online casinos in Kenya offering the game.

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Monopoly Live game interface

You can find the Monopoly Live game by visiting the Live Casino section of your preferred online casino in KE on your desktop or mobile device. When you launch the game, you’ll see a live chat section on the top left side of your screen with messages from other players engaging in the game. You can easily hide the live chat panel to avoid talking to others or getting distracted by whatever they say. A live video feed from the studio is fixed in the middle of the screen, with a massive wheel placed at the center of the stage. The stage is designed as a lavish penthouse with panoramic views of Monopoly city. To the left of the segmented wheel, Mr. Monopoly sits on a chair, sipping tea and reading a newspaper. A golden dice holder to the wheel’s right automatically shakes the dice when a bonus game is triggered.

Additionally, at the bottom left of the screen, you can see your account balance and bet in Kenyan shillings. A betting area with six banknotes representing each betting option is displayed in the middle. On the left side of the screen, you can see Monopoly Live results of all the previous round’s winners, whereas, on the right, you can see the Monopoly Live statistics of the winning bets. You can also change your audio and visual settings on the top right side of the screen. The help button displays detailed information about the game’s objective, rules, RTP, etc. Please note that each bet’s limits and payouts are pinned at the top right of your screen.

Monopoly Live game quick facts

✅ Game Type: Live casino show
⭐ Provider: Evolution
🥇 Release Date: February 2019
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 96.23%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0,10 – $2,500

Monopoly Live interface

  • Monopoly Live interface
  • Monopoly Live interface
  • Monopoly Live interface
  • Monopoly Live interface

Monopoly Live rules

Similar to the live Dream Catcher game, Monopoly Live rules are pretty straightforward. The game features a massive money wheel with 54 sections. Before the dealer spins the wheel, players can place their bets based on the segments they think the flapper will stop at when the spin is over. If the wheel stops on your predicted spot, you win. Monopoly Live in Kenya features regular bets and bonus wagers. Standard spots are numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10. Bets on these segments offer corresponding payout multipliers for every wager won. For instance, if you place a wager on 5 and the wheel stops at your predicted number, your bet amount will be multiplied by 5. The same applies to the other numbers.

On the other hand, the live Monopoly wheel also has unique segments, namely 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls, and Chance. The Chance segment doesn’t appear in the betting area; thus, players can’t bet on it. However, players can place wagers on the 2 and 4 rolls segments to participate in bonus games. 

Additionally, it would help if you had a few pointers and tricks to play in a Monopoly Live casino and win real money. First, due to the ratio of segments on the lucky wheel, most spins might land on either Number 1 (22 sections) or Number 2 (15 segments).

Secondly, the most lucrative payouts occur when the wheel stops on either 2 or 4 Rolls. These two sections appear four times on the wheel. Although betting on the wheel to stop on 4 Rolls alone offers the most profitable payout, it also has the least potential outcome as this section is only available once on the wheel. Therefore, hitting one of these segments prompts the best Monopoly Live strategy of wagering on both segments (2 and 4 Rolls) with each spin. This play ensures you can take advantage of a bonus round whenever the wheel stops on any of the two segments.

2 Rolls and 4 Rolls bonus games

Also known as 3D Bonus games, they often feature big prizes in the Monopoly Live game. When a bonus round is activated, Mr. Monopoly leaves the stage and proceeds to the virtual Monopoly city. To participate in the bonus game, you must place a bet on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls segments. The bonus game is triggered once the wheel stops at either segment and is played with a pair of dice. If the wheel lands on the 2 Rolls or the 4 Rolls section, the dice will be rolled twice or four times, respectively. Depending on the outcome of the dice rolls, Mr. Monopoly will walk around the 3D Monopoly board collecting cash prizes and multipliers.

The 3D Monopoly board has the same layout as the traditional Monopoly game, with features such as properties, utilities, free parking, taxes, jail/go to jail, etc. In the bonus game, properties, utilities, railways, and free parking have basic rewards. However, once the game begins, houses and hotels can be built on some properties, increasing the property value and prizes. If Mr. Monopoly stops on the “Go To Jail” part and moves to the “Jail” space, then doubles (Two of the same numbers on the dice) must be rolled to free him; however, all previous winnings remain in place when you go to Jail. You can either incur a fee or get a random cash prize if Mr. Monopoly lands on the Chance or Community Chest space.

Furthermore, when Mr. Monopoly passes “Go”, all the prizes after that are doubled. During the game, fees and taxes are only deducted if your bonus winnings allow. When playing on the Monopoly board, the Income-tax cuts your winnings by 10%, whereas Supertax reduces the winnings by a hefty 20%. The bonus game ends when no more dice rolls are left, and all your bonus winnings plus the initial bet are paid.

The Chance feature

The Chance card segments allow players to win a bonus feature with enormous prizes. All players participating in the current game round get the bonus since you don’t have to place any special wagers to take advantage of this feature. Each time the flapper hits the chance segment on the wheel, a random card is pulled from Mr. Monopoly’s pocket. The card can award the player a random cash prize or multiplier bonus. If you win a cash prize, your winning will be paid on top of your initial bet.

On the other hand, if you win a multiplier bonus, all bets remain in place, and the host spins the money wheel once more. Any winnings from the second spin are multiplied by the multiplier won from the Chance card. The Chance card multiplier can go up to 10x; if you are lucky, the multiplier can be followed by another on this spin. In such a scenario, the two multipliers will multiply each other. For example, if you bet Ksh 100 on Number 5, you win a Chance card with a 10x multiplier, and after the wheel is spun, you get another 8x multiplier, you’ll have a winning of 100 x 5 x 10 x 8, which equals to Ksh 40,000. Remember that if the next spin yields a bonus game, only players who had placed their bets on 2 and 4 Rolls will win.

Monopoly Live video stream

Monopoly Live odds

The optimal theoretical return to player (RTP) percentage of Monopoly Live is 96.23%. In addition, the maximum payout limit for winnings within a game round for Kenyan players is Ksh 50,000,000 or 10,000x your bet. If you reach the payout limit, the bonus round will continue since the limit is only applied at the end of a game round.

Furthermore, each wheel segment features different winning odds depending on the type of bet. The money wheel is split into 54 segments. Sections 1, 2, 5, and 10 feature winning odds of 11:16, 15:39, 7:47, and 2:25, respectively. On the other hand, the 2 and 4 Roll segments feature winning chances of 3:51 and 1:53, respectively, while the Chance section offers a winning odds of 1:26.

Monopoly Live betting strategies

Monopoly Live game features a round wheel that’s physically spun by the host during gameplay. Thus, every outcome after the wheel stops is completely random. Nevertheless, there are a few strategies that you can apply accordingly to win real money when playing Monopoly Live in Kenya. Although there’s no foolproof strategy to win the game, below is an outline of the most common betting strategies:

  • Low-Risk strategy (88.88% wheel coverage)

    This strategy features high wheel coverage, capturing 48 of the 54 numbered sections. The low-risk strategy’s primary goal is to maximise your bankroll’s lifespan while you’re still familiarising yourself with the game. As tempting as it may be to place more bets on other sections, it’s advisable not to stray from the strategy since it greatly enhances the risk of losing your bankroll. The most probable outcome of sticking to this strategy is frequent but small wins.

    To apply the low-risk strategy, players must place two betting units on sections 10, 5, and 2 (a total bet of €2 or approx. KSh.281.88 on each section). In addition, place four betting units on segment 1 with a total stake of €4 (approx. KSh.563.76). You should note that this strategy is not designed for big wins. Nevertheless, by covering the majority of the wheel, you are assured of a minimum payout of €8 (approx. 1127.51 shillings) if the wheel lands on sections 1 or 2 and a maximum payout of €22 (approx. KSh.3100.66) if it stops on segment 10.

  • High-Risk strategy

    This strategy can quickly deplete your gambling account, but it also has the potential to grant substantial payouts. To apply this strategy, players must bet on 2 and 4 Rolls and turn on autoplay for a predetermined number of play rounds. This approach is highly popular among gamblers as it offers a thrilling adrenaline rush with significant rewards if you get lucky. In addition, it’s a straightforward approach since all you have to do is choose your preferred bet amount and rounds, confirm the autoplay settings, and keep your fingers crossed as you watch the game.

  • Chance strategy (30.76% wheel coverage)

    With this strategy, you take your chances and hope luck favours your bets. If such happens, you should leave the game when you break even or are in profit. This strategy’s main goal is for the player to test the waters by placing their bets with the hope that the flapper will hit the chance segment on the wheel and award them a random cash prize or multiplier bonus for the next spin.

  • Martingale strategy

    Although this is a roulette strategy, it can also be used on the Monopoly Live game as it’s easy to understand and apply. This system implies that you should increase your bet after every loss. The main idea with this approach is that if you double your wager each time you lose, you’ll cover all of your previous losses in one betting unit whenever you win. To apply this strategy, you must bet on all four bonus sections. For instance, suppose you place a bet of 100 shillings on each segment (a total bet of KSh 400 per spin. In that case, if you land a bonus on the first spin, you should play again.

    However, if you don’t land a bonus, you must double your betting amount on each bonus section (a total stake of 800 shillings). Another losing spin will require you to double your wager again, and so on, for the next losing spins. Before applying this strategy, you should decide how many sessions you want to play, which will help you split your bankroll accordingly. Hence, you avoid running out of money before getting a win.


Live casino games have been trendy but many Kenyans have been hesitant to venture into this territory because they fear the complex rules and skills required for card games. With Monopoly Live in Kenyan online casinos, a new realm has opened since the game combines fantasy with the human element and offers generous rewards to the players. This review has touched on various areas, such as the gameplay and game rules, the different bonus games and features, and the winning odds. Furthermore, the article has highlighted some Monopoly Live winning strategies you can apply to the game.

Monopoly Live FAQ

What is Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is a blend of the live Dream Catcher money-wheel game and the conventional Monopoly board game. The wheel features a segmented wheel and an objective is to predict which section the flapper will stop at when the wheel stops spinning.

How much can I bet?

In Monopoly Live, all sorts of players can partake in the game, from low to high rollers. For Kenyan players, you can bet from as low as Ksh 10 to a maximum of Ksh 500,000.

How much can I win?

The Monopoly Live game offers numerous lavish prizes. You can hit a Monopoly Live big win up to a maximum of Ksh 50,000,000 or 10,000x your bet.

What is the best bet in Monopoly Live?

There's no best bet in Monopoly Live. All bets are risky and uncertain, but you can spread your bets on the segments with the highest winning odds, like numbers 1 and 2.

Are there any Monopoly Live strategies?

Monopoly Live is a game of chance and not skill. However, there are certain Monopoly Live tricks mentioned in this review that you can apply when playing. Please note that these strategies don't guarantee any wins.