Mines Games in Kenyan Online Casinos

Mines Games in Kenyan Online Casinos

Crash games have taken the gambling niche by storm, offering players captivating and easy-to-play real-money titles. One such example is the Mines game in Kenyan online casinos. Mines is an online casino crash game developed from the classic Minesweeper game available on Windows computers in the early 2000s. With the Mines online game, you choose random tiles on the provided grid. If the selected tiles have a star after being turned, you receive a multiplier that boosts your payout: the more safe tiles you select, the higher the multiplier coefficients, and the more your payouts.

However, if you choose a tile with a mine (explosive), you lose the round, and your bet is collected. The Mines casino game can reward gamblers payouts of about 1,000,000 Kenyan shillings or more. In this Mines game review, we’ll cover the different Mines games from various providers like Spribe, Turbo Games, etc., how to play, rules, and similar games to Mines. In addition, you’ll find a list of the top Mines game online casinos in Kenya on this page.

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What is a crash game?

Crash games are amongst the most recent innovations in the gambling industry. They’re also known as instant-win, fast, or mini-games. Crash games were usually popular in crypto online casinos, but now, you can find them in fiat-only gambling platforms. This type of game generally involves the player wagering on an event while gathering multipliers before the game crashes. The aim is to take your accumulated winnings (cash out) before the game crashes. If it crashes, it means you’ve lost your bet.

Over the years, various providers have developed diverse crash games you can enjoy, such as the famous Aviator online game, where you bet on a flying aircraft or Mines, where you choose safe squares before exploding. Unlike online video slots, these crash games usually feature simple graphics and provide an immersive gambling experience. Also, they feature elementary gameplay rules and connect players worldwide, providing a competitive and social aspect. Moreover, they have reasonable bet limits, offer incredible multipliers, and are compatible with mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Mines Interface

  • Mines Interface
  • Mines Interface
  • Mines Interface
  • Mines Interface

Mines game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: SSpribe, Turbo Games, Hacksaw Gaming
🥇 Release Date: March 2022
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 95% – 98%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

About Mines game

You’ll find multiple versions of the Mines casino game online from various software providers, each slightly different. Still, with all the Mines game versions, you’ll play using a grid of tiles and a number of mines (explosives) hidden beneath the tiles. The number of mines can be adjusted from 1 up to even 24, depending on the Mines game version, but by default, you start with three mines when you play Mines for real money. Also, you can change the game’s grid layout in some Mines versions, as discussed herein.

Playing Mines is easy: You only need to select your bet amount and click the Bet or Play button. Afterwards, you must choose the safe tiles (without a mine) to keep playing. The more safe tiles you select, the higher multipliers you’ll receive and the more significant your payout will become. However, you must click “Cash Out” before landing on a tile with a mine, as this will mean you’ve crashed and lost the round.

Notably, if you play the Mines game in online casinos with more explosives on the grid, you’ll increase the game’s volatility (risk). This means that the game will become more challenging, but in turn, you’ll enjoy higher multipliers and payouts if you successfully evade the mine-filled tiles during gameplay. That said, here’s a review of the various Mines games from different iGaming providers:

Mines game from Spribe

The software provider behind the popular Aviator online game developed this Mines game variation. The title has a simple design, with the betting block at the centre of the interface. It has a 5×5 grid layout, meaning there are 25 tiles in total. Notably, you cannot adjust the grid layout. Above this grid, you can see a dropdown arrow labelled “Mines: 3.” Click this arrow to change the number of mines you’d like to play with from 1-20. Think of this as the risk levels. The more the mines, the more challenging it’ll be for you to cash out.

That’s why multipliers and payouts are increased when you play with more mines. If you click the hamburger icon on the top right corner of the interface, you’ll access the game’s settings, such as sound, game limits, rules, bet history, provably fair settings, etc. Below the 5×5 grid, you’ll find the Auto Game and Random buttons and the betting panel at the interface’s base, where you can adjust your bet sizes and click the “Bet” button to play the game.

Mines gameplay features

The most unique thing about this version of Mines from Spribe is the Random feature. It may come in handy for players who are undecided on which tiles to select. If you click the Random button after placing your bet, a tile will be selected spontaneously. If there’s a star icon below the tile, it’s a safe tile, meaning your stake will be multiplied by the corresponding multiplier. You can click the random button many times if you don’t hit a mine. Remember, you must click “Cash Out” to take your winnings.

The game also has an autoplay option, which can be used after activating the “Auto Game” button. After activating this button, you must select any number of tiles you’d like to play with during the autoplay feature. You can then click the autoplay button, choose how many rounds you want (between 3 and 500) and tap “Start Auto” to play. The feature will open the same tile (s) you chose each round until your selected rounds are exhausted. You can further customise the autoplay feature to stop if cash increases or decreases by a certain amount or if a single win exceeds your preset amount.

Bet limits, multipliers, payouts

The least you can bet in the Mines game is KES 10, while the maximum is KES 10,000. The maximum payout for one bet is capped at KES 1,000,000. Despite that, the maximum multiplier that this Mines casino game offers is 5,044,291x. Of course, the number of mines you use in the game will hugely affect this multiplier and your payouts. The higher the risk (more mines), the more lucrative the multipliers.

Turbo Mines from Turbo Games

Turbo Mines has a simple yet elegant design with a dark and gold theme. You’ll see the playing grid at the centre of the game’s interface. On the left of this grid, you’ll find options to change the layout of the grid. These options include 3×3, 5×5, 7×7, and 9×9. Below the grid options, you’ll find the settings to adjust the number of mines you’ll play with. Notably, these mines options change as you change the playing grid. For example, with a 5×5 grid, the maximum number of mines is 24, while in a 9×9 grid, 80 is the maximum number of mines.

Also, you’ll find a Turbo button and a toggle to increase or decrease your bet amount. The minimum bet amount in Turbo Mines is KES 12, while the maximum is KES 11,340. If you click the gear icon on the top right corner of the interface, you’ll open game settings such as limits, the option to change your nickname, bet history, game rules, and sound. When you play Turbo Mines for real money, you must select tiles with gems to earn multipliers and click “Cash Out” to take your winnings. In case you select a tile with a bomb, your bet is collected. You always see the awarded multipliers with each gem-filled tile you select. To play Turbo Mines, choose your bet amount, click the yellow “Start Game” button, and start selecting the tiles you think have gems beneath.

Special features, payouts, RTP

Turbo Mines has a Turbo feature that allows players to simultaneously select and reveal the items beneath the tiles. After activating the Turbo mode, you’ll see several tiles with a question mark, depending on your field size. For example, a 5×5 field size has five tiles with a question mark, a 7×7 field has seven, a 9×9 field has nine, and so on. These tiles are pre-selected, and you can click on any to change any selection according to your preferences.

After choosing the tiles you think contain gems, click “Place Bet,” and the tiles will be revealed. If there were no bombs in any of your tiles, you win a corresponding payout. However, you’ll lose if an explosive exists in any of the tiles. The max you can win in one bet in Turbo Mines is KES 113,400. The game has a 95% RTP, meaning you’ll earn back about KES 95 for every KES 100 wagered in the long run. Of course, shorter sessions can win you more. Please note that adjusting the grid size and number of mines will affect the game’s volatility and awarded multipliers.

Mines from Hacksaw Gaming

Hacksaw Gaming’s Mines belongs to the provider’s series of fast games, Dare 2 Win. As with all other Mines game versions, this one also features a simple design with the primary playing field/grid at the centre of the interface. Above the grid are various multipliers starting from 0.00x and increasing the more you select cells with diamonds beneath. On the top left of the grid, you’ll see the option to increase or decrease the number of mines.

The maximum number of mines you can play with is relative to your chosen field size. The available grid sizes/layouts are 3×3, 5×5, 7×7, and 9×9. With these grid formats, the maximum number of mines you can use when playing for real money is 8, 24, 48, and 80, respectively. Of course, you can customise the grid and number of mines per your preferences. However, changing the number of mines in a grid will affect the multipliers.

The more the mines, the higher your chances of selecting a cell with an explosive, but you’ll enjoy more impressive multipliers. At the base of this left-side menu, you’ll find your bankroll balance and UI buttons to change music or sound options and your history. Also, you’ll find an info (i) button that showcases more details about the game, such as RTP, bet limits, how to play, and more.

Bet limits, payouts, RTP

To win at Mines from Hacksaw Gaming, choose your desired bet amount between KES 20 and KES 100,000. These are the minimum and maximum betting limits. Afterwards, click the “Bet” button and select the cells you think contain hidden diamonds. If you click a diamond-filled cell, you earn a multiplier payout. The more diamond cells you choose, the higher your payout.

Nevertheless, all your accumulated winnings are lost if you select a cell with a mine. So, the goal is to click “Collect” to take your winnings before hitting a mine. The maximum payout in this Mines casino game is KES 100,000,000. Hacksaw Gaming’s Mines has a published RTP of 96%.

Mines game rules

The Mines game doesn’t feature sophisticated rules like blackjack or roulette. Its rules are elementary, regardless of which version you’re playing. So, the goal in any Mines casino game is to select tiles or cells that contain gems, stars, or diamonds, depending on the provider. Generally, these are considered safe tiles or cells as they’ll get you closer to higher multipliers and payouts. To accumulate lucrative winnings, you must evade tiles with explosives or bombs.

If you select a tile with an explosive, you lose the round, and all your accumulated winnings are lost. The more safe tiles you select, the higher your winnings. However, you must click “Cash Out” to take your winnings before you land on a mine and lose everything. Please note that adjusting the field size and the number of mines will affect the game’s multipliers and your payouts in general. As mentioned before, the more the number of mines, the riskier it is to explode and lose your winnings. However, you’ll enjoy impressive multipliers that yield superb payouts.

How to play Mines crash game

Before playing for real money, you must find a top Mines game online casino and create an account. Fortunately, the best Mines online casinos in Kenya can be found on this page. Simply choose one and register by providing personal information like name, mobile number, password, email address, country, and more. Therefore, follow the below process step-by-step to play for real money.


Deposit funds

After creating an account, go to the cashier’s page and fund your new account. Select your desired deposit option, such as e-wallets, M-Pesa, or Bitcoin, from the list provided and enter the required deposit amount. Your funds should appear immediately in your account, allowing you to commence real money gambling.


Launch the Mines game

Go to the online casino games lobby and search the keyword “Mines.” From the results, select and launch your ideal Mines game from the above features providers or others like Funky Games.


Customise the grid layout

As mentioned on this page, some Mines casino games have a feature allowing players to choose their preferred grid size (3×3, 5×5, 7×7, and 9×9). Adjust the grid plus the number of mines according to your preferences and volatility.


Place your bets

Go to the betting area and select your ideal bet amount, considering the minimum and maximum limits. Afterwards, click “Bet” or “Start Game,” depending on your Mines game version.


Select the safe tiles

To start playing, select the tiles you think are safe (with stars, diamonds, or gems). Your payouts increase with each safe cell that you click on the grid. So, ensure you evade cells with a bomb/mine as much as possible to rake up massive winnings.


Collect your winnings

If you’re satisfied with your winnings at any point during gameplay, click the “Cash Out” button to take your winnings. You can then later start another round. If you don’t click “Cash Out” before you tap a cell with an explosive, all your winnings disappear.

Play mines for free

Games similar to Mines

If you’d like to play other online crash games that offer the same level of entertainment and feature impressive multipliers, these are the best alternatives:

  • Aviator


    In online Aviator, you’re wagering on a flying aircraft that awards multipliers as it flies. The higher it flies, the more incredible the multipliers you receive. However, the aircraft can crash (fly away) at any point in time. So, the goal is to cash out your winnings before the aircraft flies away. The game has two betting panels, allowing two bets to run simultaneously. The game can award multipliers of over 1,000,000x.

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  • Rocketman


    This is another exciting crash game. Rocketman has similarities to online Aviator, except that Rocketman uses a rocket. So, when the rocket takes off from the ground, it starts awarding multipliers. The more it soars into space, the higher the multipliers you’ll get. The highest multiplier in Rocketman is 20,000x, and when this coefficient is reached, all bets are automatically paid. The game features two betting panels, meaning you can have simultaneous bets. Notably, the game has a progressive jackpot and mystery bonus offers.

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  • JetX


    With JetX, you’re wagering on a flying jet. The gameplay principle is similar to Rocketman and Aviator. So, you must place your bet (s) within the allocated time and click “Cash Out” before the jet explodes. If it explodes, it means you’ve lost the round. Of course, the higher it flies, the higher the multipliers you’ll receive. The max payout in JetX is capped at Kes 1,500,000.

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  • High Striker

    High Striker

    Players are wagering on a graph-based curve (line) in this online crash game. When the game starts, the line will grow from a 1x multiplier. The more the line grows, the higher multiplier coefficients it will award. However, you must cash out your winnings when playing High Striker for real money before the line crashes and you lose everything. The maximum multiplier in this online casino game is 1000x.

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  • Lucky Crumbling

    Lucky Crumbling

    This is a multiplayer crash casino game inspired by stock market fluctuations. As such, you’ll see a graphic rising from a 1x multiplier in the game. The more the graphics rises, the higher the multipliers it awards players. However, the graphic can crash at any time, leading to losses. Therefore, the goal is to be keen and cash out your winnings before it crashes. You can have two bets running simultaneously in the game, but the maximum multiplier is 1000x.

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Mines is an entertaining online casino crash game playable by all types of players due to its elementary rules. You only need to choose a bet amount and select tiles that don’t have explosives beneath them. The more safe tiles you select, the higher your payouts. However, the catch is that you must click “Cash Out” to collect your winnings; otherwise, all will be lost if you choose an explosive-triggered cell. This Mines game review has comprehensively captured how you can play the Mines game in Kenyan online casinos. Therefore, you can effortlessly launch and play any Mines casino game in Kenya for real money.

Mines game FAQ

How to play Mines?

To play Mines, select a bet amount, click "Bet," and then start selecting the cells without explosives to win.

Who are the Mines game providers?

You'll find multiple providers of the Mines game, but the most popular are Spribe, Turbo Games, and Hacksaw Gaming.

How much can I win in Mines?

It depends on the Mines casino game you're playing. According to the reviewed Mines games on this page, the maximum you can win is KES 100,000,000.

What is the RTP of Mines?

The RTP percentage will vary depending on the provider. However, it ranges between 95% and 96%.

Is Mines game fair?

Yes. The crash game is 100% fair thanks to RNG or Provably Fair technology (depending on the provider) that gives players random and manipulation-free outcomes.