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Financing Tomorrow’s Health


  •  Address :Nairobi, Kenya
  •  Telephone :+254 706 958 963
  •  E-mail :

What We Do

Did you know that a million Kenyans are pushed further into poverty every year due to of out-of-pocket expenditure on health care?

Afya-Plan is a platform to help small micro-savings groups pool resources to be able to afford health care services. This is a savings platform that helps you prepare for future health care expenses by collectively saving to a dedicated health account.

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To open an account with Afya-Plan you can register online by clicking the “Register” link and filling the details or through the USSD platform (coming soon). After filling in all the required details, your savings group will be assigned a savings account where your group savings will be held.



To make contributions to your account you will simply need a registered sim card that can do mobile money transactions (M-Pesa). Simply do a paybill transaction sending your savings to your assigned group account. The transactions are charged according to the terms and conditions of the mobile operator (Safaricom).



To pay for hospital services using your group savings, simply make a request for withdrawal of the funds to your group admin or whoever is assigned as the person in charge of the group. These funds will be transfered to th health facility to pay for the hospital bill.

See the list of partner health facilities.




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We are a startup company currently located at iHub, 6th Floor, Senteu Plaza, Galana / Lenana Road Junction, Nairobi Kenya

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