Playpumps Bringing Clean Water to Rural African Communities

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  PlayPumps International is dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families by providing easy access to clean drinking water, enhancing public health, and offering play equipment to millions across Africa.

You can help change lives by providing improved access to clean drinking water.

Consider that:

$36 – Helps a family get the water it needs for good health and hygiene.

$60 – Can provide ten people with access to clean water for up to ten years.

$300 – Can give a classroom of children playground equipment and clean water for drinking and handwashing.

$14,000 – Sponsors a complete PlayPump™ water system for a community in Africa. A single system can bring the benefits of clean drinking water to up to 2,500 people. Make a donation!

  Volunteer Toolkit
Learn how you, your congregation, school or other group can support PlayPumps International with our free volunteer toolkit. PlayPumps eCard
Help these African children have fun and access clean water. Watch our eCard.

Case Foundation | The MCJ Foundation | The U.S. Government
Coca-Cola Company | Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation
Lemelson Foundation | Jay-Z We invite you to partner with us. Help us bring the sound of children’s laughter and the access to clean, safe water to rural and peri-urban communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn more about our Partners and Funders »
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Donate to PlayPumps International
through the GivingExpress program
from American Express   When the merry-go-round spins, it pumps uncontaminated drinking water from deep below the ground into a secure and clean 2,500-liter water tank. A simple tap provides easy access for women and children drawing water.

Learn more about how the pump works »  

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